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Thread: Platinum Edition Content and Troubles

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    While I'm not new to Trainz, I am about 24-hours old when it comes to Trainz 2019. I wasn't planning on buying this, but given the discount and loyalty code I had I decided to go for it. I bought the Platinum Edition, but am wondering where my extra content is or how to access it. All I've done so far is install the game and do the tutorials, but getting content into the game and having it work has always been a challenge for me going all the way back to TRS 2006. Do I need to have First Class Ticket or something similar to access my extra content I paid for?

    On another if not unrelated note, I noticed certain spline issues in the tutorials where the track would load and align in very tight if not almost right angles that could cause derailments if I didn't notice. Not sure if this a problem others have had, or if it's my install or something else. I'm also not sure how to get the visual settings to low since I chose medium from the start and am not sure if that menu is still accessible after making the initial choice.

    So far the visuals seem improved at least.

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    Click "Content Store" on the launcher. Click the "Purchased" button to see all the content that's ready to install.

    It's a bit tricky to reset to Low, so far easier just to reduce the various options manually.

    Trainz Settings > Performance and the biggest graphics hogs are Shadows, Ultra Shaders and Turffx (in that order).

    Splines - not sure what you're seeing. A screenshot might help.
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    Just a caution:-
    Don't click on all the purchased routes at one time! Some routes are large, and downloading simultaneously is really slow...
    Also, be careful - I have (for example) COrnish Mainline for Tane and TS 19. Both show in the purchased store filter, but downloading both causes problems with missing assets!



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    Blane95, more than one of us has seen and reported the track spline issues in Tutorials 5 and 8 around the tunnels. Someone said setting the settings down from Ultra fixed it for him. I changed from all ultras to all highs and it made no difference. But it is now a known issue...
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    Thank you for the assistance in getting the content installed!

    I discovered myself that yes some of those files are quite big and simultaneous downloading does indeed slow things down (I spent a few hours downloading all the content).

    Good to know that the issue has been reported by others as I took screenshots of it last night but am not sure where TRS 2019 stores the images in terms of file path. My settings are at low since my laptop seemed to need it in order to avoid lag (may try medium ones again but not sure).

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