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Tip/Trick: Having problems with unreadable text? Try this

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If you are having trouble with fuzzy/unreadable text, it's likely that a Trainz option is to blame.

To fix it:

1.On the Launcher, click Options.
2.Click the Advanced Options tab.
3.Click in the box labelled 'Vertex Offset' to remove the tick.
4.Click OK.

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  1. Werewolf13's Avatar
    Or just the opposite could be true.

    my GPU is an nVidia 560m. In order to get readable text when a session or quickdrive is running I have to have to have vertex offset turned on and the slider somewher near the middle. Text goes from almost invisible to very readable.

    Now if that setting would just carry over to surveyor (which I don't think it does because the text in it is almost invisible) I'd be a happy camper.

    Makes one wonder what the nv3 guys used for graphics programming. Vertex offset adjustments used to be very common 15 to 20 years ago. TS12 is the 1st software I've seen that requires it with a modern graphics GPU in a very, very, very long time.
    Updated January 29th, 2013 at 11:19 AM by Werewolf13