Your MyTrainz account lacks authorisation for this product, Help


[FONT=&quot]I receive the error when I use the launcher to launch the game: Your MyTrainz account lacks authorisation for this product[/FONT]

[FONT=&quot]I cannot get the game to load. When I log into the MyTrainz Portal I see the error that my profile has been partially blocked, please contact the helpdesk.[/FONT]

[FONT=&quot]Please help!

I already posted on the helpdesk and no responce yet, So im trying Here

Trainz Type: TRS2022 (trainz railroad simulator 2022)
Build: [/FONT]
If you submitted a ticket yesterday or today then no response will be given since its the weekend. ;)
But that problem can only be resolved from the helpdesk and not the forums. Helpdesk here

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well thanks for the tip but i am not to happy at N3V right now.
Your account was partially disabled due to an attempt to register a warez serial number.

We do have a task in our schedule to remove the restriction when people purchase a new product, but for now it is a manual process to update your account (which I have done).