unable to download asset please check your mytrainz account details

The dls keeps giving me this error it was working fine earlier and now it decided to give me this error. i tried to refresh my account but it didnt work i tried my other computer to e if it needed its end refreshed, didn't work either. I think the dls thinks im signed out when I'm not. Can someone help me get this error fixed?
That error message almost always means re-enter your username and password into the Trainz Setting MyTrainz tab - even if you enter the same old ones as you have always used. Things such as Trainz updates and the phase of the moon can cause Trainz to loose sync with the N3V servers.

Other factors that have a history of causing this for different users at different times include:-
  • your AV software
  • using a VPN
  • wifi issues (as you have noted)