wpn96's reskins


I've posted this thread to show off some of my reskins. WARNING: PICS MAY BE LARGE AND NUMEROUS!!!
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First I'll start of with some of K&L Trainz Steamers "letterstripped"

B&O E27
I'm very sorry if I posted too many pics, I know I did A LOT of these over the past few days.

Even though these reskins might not be "accurate" or "super good" I'm still pretty impressed with them.

In terms of the "letterstripped" engines, I'll probably put some lettering on those too.

Also the K&L Trainz steamers WILL NOT I repeat WILL NOT be redistributed, as these engines are payware. The passenger cars, I'm not for sure.

Comments are encouraged, but not mandatory.


EDIT: I would also like to note that just because the K&L steamers have been letterstripped, DOES NOT mean I disliked the paint schemes. Those were just for fun.
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For all of those viewing this thread, I think I might show some of the routes I've been making as well. Before I start taking pictures of my routes, I do have a question: Do any of these routes have to be released??
For all of those viewing this thread, I think I might show some of the routes I've been making as well. Before I start taking pictures of my routes, I do have a question: Do any of these routes have to be released??

No they sure don't! I would love to see your routes, though!!!
Thanks very much for replying to my question!!! I've made many routes but they may look kinda kid-like but I think I'll post my best work..........In a little bit. I just gotta take some pics first.
Here's the pics.........

This route is actually a model railroadz. I titled it MRRZ. But I think I might call it the "Model Trainz Hotel" A hotel for model trainz. (For now)

Here are some pics I took some moments ago........

The control console. (if only someone made DCC Throttles to put on the sides, instead of this old-fashioned lionel console)


The roundhouse


A duckunder.......why not???


And here's an overview of the layout so far......


This layout is far from done. So far from done that I'm still deciding what else to put on the route.

I'll post some more pics later and keep you guys updated.

And as always, comments are encouraged, not manditory.

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Progress on the Model Trainz Hotel

I've just added some textures and objects along the tracks. As well as another portion of the layout.




Here's the overall progress of the layout......
Model Trainz Hotel Progress 1/26/2015

Hello again!!

Before I take off to my doctor appointment today, here are some pics of the Model Trainz Hotel.

Before I post the pics, I've decided that this Model Railroadz should go from the hills to the ocean. Sorta like the Roaring Camp Beach Train (the Santa Cruz, Big Trees and Pacific).

As you can see I've decorated this hill with textures, trees, and some more track......

I've also added a new baseboard to the route itself.......

Here is the overall progress on the layout.......

The consist right now....

Also notice the newly relased unlettered pullmans from DustinJRaiken in the consist. They look good behind my personal "letterstripped" NYC K-11 4-6-2 from bdaneal. As I forgot to mention before, this engine also has bogeys from V-Scale Productions' M&W 4-6-2s and a new whistle. From the CB&Q O5b from K&L and a new bell.



That's the end of the line for now.

I'll work on Trainz some more when I get home later today.

And when I get home today, as always, comments are encouraged, not mandatory.

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I would instead use a lift bridge or a drawbridge instead of a duckunder. It adds a bit more interest to a route.