Unable to log in to Trainz



I am unable to log into Trainz or the Content Store.
It says that my password is invalid. I tried doing a password reset on the Content Store site and got the "An error has occurred, please try again later" message.

Is the Content Store / Trainz down?

Please let me know. I finally got some free time to work on my route and am unable to log in.

Fred Bray
Just to let people know that this is not only affecting one person, I too am getting "My Trainz Authentication Failed" errors too.
Same here. No login, no DLS

Still not fixed here in the UK I cannot log into TS22 just stays on validating. but trainz portal and forum are fine ? Shows my first class ticket days left etc so its just the validation server playing up ?
Everything is working again for me in Eastern Canada when I woke up this morning. Wife was happy it was broken last night, forced me to go to bed earlier. :)