Why do so few routes make it to the DLS ?

Just perusing through screenshots and it occurred to me that there are many really good routes around, but sadly , the vast majority of these routes never make it to the DLS . Just out of curiosity , whats the reason why so many able route makers never put these routes up on the DLS ?
Is it because you are using third party assets?
The route is third party and you've modified it ?
You've modified others assets and cant get permission to upload them to DLS ?
is your route a constant WIP ?
Are your standards so high that you don't think its good enough for public scrutiny ?
Is it because its just too much hassle ?
Lack of appreciation from other users when its uploaded ?
Changes in Trainz build means its no longer usable ?

All of the above ? :)
Usually still a constant WIP.
Route building is a lengthy process and during that time the version of trainz i'm using is getting older at an alarming rate ( i'm still in TANE )

I will say right now i haven't got a clue about missing deps and all the other technical stuff that trainz brings.
It's a game to me and i just want to have fun building routes which i admit will never see the DLS because i just don't know what problems they will bring to other trainz users if they download it.

I have my own style of route building as far as the operational side is concerned which works fine for me but i think many would discard it.

For once i managed to achieve a finished project that i thought was worthy of upload even if it was in my style.
It was a model rail basement layout which i spent so much time on and not just with the route but with the space it was housed in.

I never had so much fun just watching the trains roll in and out of stations ( 8 trains running at once and to eternity)
I say eternity because none of my trains can 'see' each other.....there are a number of signals on my layout but my trains can't see them either.....scenery items no less......with 8 trains running at once there are many instances of them running through each other but once again this works for me.

Much to my horror just as i was about to upload, the route was gone which i still haven't came to terms with.
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