Why did items purchased in TRS19 not show in TRS22?


It turns out that I bought the same things for the second time, the Broadway Limited and the Rheingold 1962. It's been long since I ran them in TRS19, so I had completely forgotten them. Not that it really matters, I got the largest possible discount of 75% that was offered over the last weekend. But shouldn't this Payware show in the Purchased listing in-game and in the Content Store window as ready to be installed? They did not.

You are correct, Paul those assets should've shown up in your Content Store.

Contact the helpdesk. I think they can sort that out for you.
Hello John,
Thanks for your reply.
In my installment of TRS19 (build 117009) I have the Broadway Limited as well as the Rheingold 1962 (+sessions) available in the game. Strangely, however, I cannot find the ordering and delivery information (emails) from N3V, which I always keep.
Could it have been part of an update/patch or a special offer?

Umm!! You don't need to purchase ANYTHING for a second time.

I've noticed a small bug! If you've purchased some DLCs in TRS19, they do not appear in TRS22 in the Content Store.


1) Load up Content Store, click purchased in TRS19!

2) Double click on the purchased DLC, that you can't find in TRS22 Content Store under purchased! Then Note done the 4 numbers between the underscores, it should look like xxxxxxxxxx_1234_x. Only 1234' is the numbers you need to write down.

3) Navigate to C:\Users\%Username%\AppData\Local\N3V Games\trs19 inside the build xxxxxxxx folder, then open 'Packages'
in the search field 'top right' type in the 1234 number and copy the 1234.tzarc file to desktop

4) Move the 1234.tzarc from your desktop to C:\Users\%Username%\AppData\Local\N3V Games\trs22 inside the build xxxxxxxx folder, then open 'Packages'

5) Launch TRS22, click on the Developer menu then choose Rebuild Database! Exit Trainz launcher, then relaunch.

Your purchased item will now appear in TRS22 Content Store under purchased. It will also be 'Installed' so you will not have to install it!
Thanks for reacting.
@stagecoach: most of the items that I bought are not listed in My Digital Downloads (on the MyTrainz page). Neither are the ones that I just bought a few days ago.
@PhilChorusch01: thanks for the detailed procedure. I might use it when I discover another lost purchase... Did no-one have this issue before and report it?

Since you asked... I have retail versions of '19 and '22 and many installs of '19 plus and '22 plus and now also trainz plus. I've never had an issue with my DLC not showing as it should in the Content Store. I don't recall it being an issue in forum posts either (except when there was a problem with the account itself.)
Hello 1611mac,

Well, the items I just bought for TRS22 do show up in the ContentStore within TRS19.
User stagecoach said that they should show in MyDigitalDownloads; they do not.
I was only wondering, and I still am, how come that I have the Broadway Limited and the Rheingold1962 in TRS19 since december 2021 (installation date), while they did not show in the ContentStore within TRS22. Now they show, since I have bought them (again?) a few days ago.
Is there any other way that the two were installed in TRS19 before my recent purchase? I have no documents that show that I actually ordered them and/or paid them. I keep such documents (emails). An update? Just wondering.

I don't think it applies in this case but DLC purchased through the Trainz Store is available through the in game Content Store. That should include any DLC made for an earlier version of Trainz. The exception is if it is not compatible such as Murchison 2. But if you buy DLC through Steam it is installed by the Steam Client only into the Steam version of Trainz. Now this might have change with TRS22 and Trainz Plus, I haven't bought DLC through Steam in a while. This has always made it better to buy DLC from the Trainz Store as then you can use in both Steam versions and direct from N3V versions.
Steam content is still Steam content. If you decided to switch to an N3V version from Steam, the Helpdesk will assist in transferring the content from one account to the other.