Whos Birthday is it ??


Getting Older :)
One of our most talented creators who has made a difference to most routes is having a Birthday today.

The World Time clock may not be the same in Aussie for this Birthday:hehe:

Happy Birthday Dmdrake, I hope you have a great day and that you take some time to celebrate. You certainly deserve a break from Trainz on this day.

Many thanks for all your efforts over the years in helping make Trainz what it is today.

Well done lad, well done.

Trees all around the world will be clapping their er... leaves and cheering loudly. :hehe:

Happy boithday.


Happy Birthday Dave!

Just think, you are no longer an old man. Now you're an old, old man! :wave:

Bah!....I've had a look at some of his few offerings, and I found them to be pretty meager.....what's that?....trees you say? I remember when we didn't have trees in Trainz...we just drove by some lumpy looking areas and pretended they were trees......and we liked it!We didn't have no fancy schmancy splines for cities neither.....just caves, caves and that Aussie outhouse, and sometimes that cabin with the banjo feller inside! We didn't need no "automagical whatdoyoucallit spline", if'n we wanted a farm....then we made a farm...piece by piece! And we liked it!

Nah....I reckon this upstart Drake whozizt will never last! He'll just upload a few of his high falutin' trees and he'll be gone!

Why.....back in my day a birthday meant something, consarnit!


(Gotta love the Drake)
Thanks Ed, you keep me humble!

I know Ed, I've taken all the fun out of it for you. And in return you have given me no end of great belly laughs!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAVE!!!:wave: :wave:
Also on your Birthday these events and famous people were born, Brought to you by the History Channel:

On October 19, 1781
Hopelessly trapped at Yorktown, Virginia, British General Lord Cornwallis surrenders 8,000 British soldiers and seamen to a larger Franco-American force, effectively bringing an end to the American Revolution.

On October 19, 1931
David Cornwell, later known as spy novelist John le Carre, is born on this day in Poole, England.

Go here to find out more what happened this day in History.:p

Enjoy your day Dave!:D :) :wave: :wave:
G'day Dave,

It's not only the thousands of forests around the world that will be filled with branch-waving trees, wishing you a brighter future this coming new year,
but also many friends here amongst the Trainz community.

Hundreds (if not thousands!) of cities/towns/villages in all sorts of layouts, are almost impossible to not contain some of your work. Your attention to detail, yet quick work often belies one's imagination.

You may be one of the most prolific creators the Trainz community has ever seen, but even more endearing than that Dave, is your generosity of time & effort; to help so many fellow Trainzers.
An ambassador of good will at all times, often under a huge load, yet never complaining.

A huge thank you on your Special Day Dave, & may this new year bring
unexpected joy happiness health & prosperity of soul, to you & your family.


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