Which version to install?


''Trainz Veteran''
Hi everyone,

I've recently been thinking of installing TRS19 on my computer, just to have it around. As you can see from my timeline, I own TRS19 Platinum - however, I definitely do not have plans to play it as much as I play TRS22, as that is the later version. Since both the Standard and Platinum installs are the same build (I think 114841 on Macs?), and I don't really think I'll play TRS19 that much - realistically, I'll have it installed just to try content that doesn't work in TRS22 - should I still install the Platinum Edition or save a tiny bit of storage (probably not much, but still something) and download the Standard Edition?

I apologize if this is seen as an odd thread to some. Thanks for reading this, and any advice would be appreciated.
Hello, you say , "I'll have it installed just to try content that doesn't work in TRS22." If that were the case for me, I'd install whatever you '22 is (as releated to plus, plat, or standard). But ultimately it's what ever your preference is. Believe it or not I have six installs and I rarely use 5 of them. Most have base install with very little content. I just let them sit until I need disk.