Unable to download packages for TRS19 Platinum?


I do have the Platinum Version of TRS22 so maybe this is a sign I should forget about TRS19 completely. The worst mistake was uninstalling "Additional TANE Assets for TRS19". I am now unable to reinstall it because of the following error?

CDP package installation failed

Error: Failed to download precached data for package 'sc491d' at version '104441' for platform 'standard-7'

Any ideas as to how to correct this? In short, any attempt to install from the purchased category will end in issues like above. Missing dependencies is the #1 problem.
I did perform the extended database rebuild, but no change. I am getting the impression that anything else removed will end with the above problem.
Further research indicated the above issue is a false alarm, but installed routes from the download station are now showing missing items so the above error is not a false alarm.
I have always purchased direct so I have the digital download so yes, its paid for. I was just experimenting with the notion of downloading the missing items via content manager, but for some reason even though I have a first class ticket, the download was extremely bad so I had to stop. I will continue later so hopefully this will work.