Just Like Starting Over


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Just got back from 16 wonderful days in Ireland to find I had an unbootable computer. Now is when I could really use that Guinness! (or Smithwicks Red Ale, or several Irish Whiskey brands I could name!) Every diagnostic I ran checked out with flying colors, but it would not boot past the Alienware logo, it would just go gray and nothing would happen. I tried running startup repair to no avail. The only way to get my computer back was to run a system reset. So my files are all preserved, but all my apps have to be reinstalled. It really is like starting over because if I want it all I have to reinstall ts2009, ts2012, T:ANE SP5 with added platinum bundle, and TRS19 Platinum SP5.
But, right before I left I jumped on the big sale and finally bought TRS2022 Platinum, so now I am thinking of a minimalist approach of just installing that and trying not to bust all my hard drive space with a new version. My data folders for T:ANE and TRS19 are intact at over a Terabyte each, so where I am going to put TRS22 I don't know. Of course, to get anything out of T:ANE and TRS19 I would have to install them and export routes, assets and other stuff. The HD that has T:ANE and TRS19 has 786GB free, which is the most room of any of my drives. Hmmmm. Maybe time to buy another 4TB drive. Anyway, great to be back with Trainz!
The other thing is I used to be able to look up a lot of KUIDS between T:ANE and TRS19 and help people looking for missing assets. That may go away with the minimalist approach, not to mention being unable to try/check things on the other versions when folks have problems.
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