Where next?



It seems that the basics are working. I'm sure we'll keep refining that process, but I don't want to delay moving forward.

Now might be a good time to list the core features that you're going to require in order to start working on your own projects. Note that I'm not asking for a complete list of functions here; there will be time for that in the future. What I need now is a brief summary of how you expect to interact with the game, what kind of data you're hoping to pass to and fro, and how much of that you think can be passed through the current interface versus how much will need dedicated support for one reason or another.

I'd ask that you start a new thread in this TrainzNativeInterface forum rather than replying to this post, as I'm sure that each post will warrant further discussion and I don't want things to get too confused. Feel free to comment on each others posts; I think that at this point it's important that we all understand what is being attempted/requested, pick holes in any implementation suggestions, etc.

Just to say I'm not going to create a new thread to explain what I need for now, as it's mainly about network.
I'll report later if I need something else.