ACTS (10) - The things grow slowly, but they grow - a first implemented state (version 0.1)


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After many experiments and two times accidentally losing some data I start documenting the states, even if they are not fully functional. This is my first reason.

The second is my age of 69 years. Nobody as well as I knows how the things went on and what the doom has planned. No, I'm not diseased in any way (knocking three times on wood). But the doom isn't calculable.

So in the Trainz wiki I opened a category "ACTS" (active container terminal system) with pages that document the state of the things. For now it is the version 0.1.

One may find the codes I implemented and a zip archive with the used Blender and texture files for the assets.

Of course this version only implements the first messaging actions while initializing the asset system. But many comments point out the next steps to go. Open the wiki and search for Category:ACTS or use this link to the ACTS Category Page, containing a list of pages with descriptions and documentations.

My next steps are:
  • reconstructing the animations of the crane parts
  • implementing the adding and removing of aCTS objects
  • updating the container crane prototype to moving parts with animations
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