Where can I find an Island of Sodor route?


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Im sure like most you on this board, Thomas the Tank Engine was a big part of my childhood and is the reason why Im into trains. Now, Im not as into Thomas in the same way I was when I was a little kid, but ever since I started playing the trainz franchise I wondered if there was a way to play the island of sodor in game. I know one must exist as I have seen a similar route being used in recreations of Thomas episodes in trainz on YouTube. In terms of what Im looking for, Im looking for a route that recreates Sodor as it was in the tv series, specificially from the first 5 to 6 seasons (with some inclusions from later seasons), which in my opinion are the peak of the series with everything after being pretty mid (I did grow up with the episodes since those the ones coming out at the time but even as a 6/7 year old, I preferred those older episodes with George Carlin or Alec Baldwin narrating over the HIT entertainment ones that were airing on PBS). Im not an active fan of the franchise (only popping in here and there to hear about how its doing currently) so I don't know which ones I should be looking for, so if anyone here could point me in the right direction that would be great!