Brooklyn East District Terminal Project (Large Screenshots)

Here in Australia, it's getting into summer, which means it's too hot for me to go into the garage and operate my model railroad. As such, I've decided to use Trainz in the way it was originally intended, instead of just for my Thomas the Tank Engine stuff ;).

I've always been interested in rail marine operations, but wasn't able to incorporate those on my model railroad. While looking up such operations, I came across the Brooklyn East District Terminal. There's a rather good website on it, with plenty of photos. It's also got everything I was after for a second model railroad - car float operations, shunting, urban industrial areas and street running. So I'll be re-creating this in Trainz, circa 1962. I'll be both modeling the rolling stock and creating the route itself. I'll be using this thread as a blog of my progress on it. I'm hoping this will help develop my route building skills.

I've started by modeling BEDT #15, a Porter 0-6-0ST. So far, I've completed the basic body, and I'm about to start the detailing pass:


Well, good luck with this project. Maybe selective compression will be the order of the day as the BEDT infrastructure is very complex. There are still a couple of locos still in existence, usually in ex-Barry condition. The one at Strasburg has been morphed (unfortunately) into yet another "Thomas". I understand why they do this, but I sure with they wouldn't. Go build a new one if you gotta have one. Anyway, I tried re-skinning the K&L Porter a while back...


Not too bad except for the Walschaerts. About as close as we've come to a real BEDT engine. Your engine looks great so far. I also did some city street textures a while ago that may work. The urban environment is highly detailed. Hope it works.


Beautiful work. As you get closer to done, I'll reskin the K&L Porter to a spurious number, just to have an "extra" engine. Thanks for doing this.