Problem: Sodor Island 3D Content is Faulty!


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Recently, I've been on a nostalgic binge of Thomas the Tank Engine and decided to download the Sodor Island 3D route to relieve one of my childhood fantasies of driving through the island of Sodor. I managed to find any missing assets via a but I find trouble with the assets that werent missing faulty. Thats one thing I hate whenever I download something that looks cool from the download station or anywhere else; faulty for no other reason. At least with unknown assests there is a tangible reason. So far, what I've been able to gather from looking at the errors and warnings is that assets are from an obsolete Trainz build, and that the "The tag 'image' in '0' refers to a nonexistent file", with some variation of screenshot dot something. Now Im not sure if there's any way I can fix this, but if there is, I would appreciate any sort of feedback.

Could I potentionally replace the 'non exist' images with something else? I have done that for some of my trainz content like the aem-7s which despite being from a older trainz build are able to work despite being 'outdated'. Or are there newer versions of the faulty content that I can use to replace the faulty ones. The assests that are faulty are as follows:

<kuid:326537:5532> Si3D Clutter - Cable Drum Upright

<kuid:326537:5524> Si3D Clutter - Box Large
<kuid:326537:5534> Si3D Clutter - Ladder Leaning
<kuid:326537:5526> Si3D Clutter - Box Small
<kuid:326537:5533> Si3D Clutter - Ladder Laying
<kuid:326537:5525> Si3D Clutter - Box Stack
<kuid:326537:5531> Si3D Clutter - Cable Drum Laying
<kuid:326537:5529> Si3D Clutter - Crate Small
<kuid:326537:5535> Si3D Clutter - Ladder Upright
<kuid:326537:5538> Si3D Clutter - Oil Drum Black Laying
<kuid:326537:5537> Si3D Clutter - Oil Drum Black Upright
<kuid:326537:5540> Si3D Clutter - Oil Drum Rusty Laying
<kuid:326537:5539> Si3D Clutter - Oil Drum Rusty Upright
<kuid:326537:5543> Si3D Clutter - Old Rail Cluster Large
<kuid:326537:5544> Si3D Clutter - Old Rail Cluster Long
<kuid:326537:5545> Si3D Clutter - Old Rail Cluster Small
<kuid:326537:5541> Si3D Clutter - Old Rail Single Long
<kuid:326537:5542> Si3D Clutter - Old Rail Single Short
<kuid:326537:5546> Si3D Clutter - Pipe Single
<kuid:326537:5547> Si3D Clutter - Pipe Single Leaning
<kuid:326537:5548> Si3D Clutter - Pipe Single Stack
<kuid:326537:5549> Si3D Clutter - Pipe Sleeper Leaning
<kuid:326537:5550> Si3D Clutter - Pipe Sleeper Leaning Stack
<kuid:326537:5551> Si3D Clutter - Pipe Sleeper Single
<kuid:326537:5552> Si3D Clutter - Pipe Sleeper Stack
<kuid:326537:5553> Si3D Clutter - Wheel Bogey Flat
<kuid:326537:5557> Si3D Clutter - Wheel Driver Leaning
<kuid:326537:5554> Si3D Clutter - Wheel Driving Flat
<kuid:326537:5555> Si3D Clutter - Wheelset Bogey
<kuid:326537:5556> Si3D Clutter - Wheelset Driving
<kuid:483807:1449> Sodor Bench Wood
<kuid:483807:100070> Sodor Canal Boat Green Static Baked
<kuid:483807:100071> Sodor Canal Boat Blue Static Baked
<kuid:483807:1063> Sodor Dock Worker Standing
<kuid:481183:1083> Sodor Lineside Hut
<kuid:483807:1450> Sodor Picnic Bench Wood
<kuid:326537:5034> Sodor Watermill Baked
<kuid:481183:1122> Watertower
<kuid:483807:100066> Sodor Maid Static Baked
<kuid:502750:100073> Sodor People - Sir Topham Hatt(Hands Behind Back)
<kuid:483807:1065> Sodor Woman 1
<kuid:483807:1454> Sodor Picnic Bench Wood No Back
<kuid:483807:100072> Sodor Valley Static Baked
<kuid:326537:5000> Tidmouth Branch Sheds Doors
<kuid:481183:1125> Watertower
<kuid:483807:1060> Beach Deck Chair
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Are these assets showing in CM as 'Faulty'? - as I have several of them in TRS22 and they only show as having warnings.
The error consisting of no images or thumbnails is the easiest to solve.
Any object or train that has a build lower than Trainz 2012 or 3.5 can have no thumbnail and have no errors. Normally the error occurs because in the config.tex there is a tag that calls an image that should be in the main folder but the image does not exist.
The solution is to open the config.tex and look for the tag referring to the images and delete them, example:
Delete everything like this (only build 3.3 or lower):
    image                               "thumbnail.jpg"
    width                               "240"
    height                              "180"
I tried it for 3 of those assets (including one or two I failed to admit due to how many there were) but unfortunately it didn't work any of those times. Im probably gonna put the route aside for the time being just due to the fact all of this is really aggravating and I don't want it ruining my evening lol. I might try it on others later and see if I have any luck there ^^'

Alright so I managed to fixed all the faulty content with only reaming faulty asset being <kuid:61119:28054> Lever Frame Platform - 6 Levers, which unlike the others is faulty because "- <kuid:61119:28054> : VE65: The *.texture.txt file is missing for texture resource 'leverframe.texture'." and <kuid:613914:1109> SI3D - Trackside Shed #1 which is only faulty because its actually missing an asset. Unfortunately, said asset <kuid:613914:1110> is unknown and I cant seem to find it using trainzland.....great. Besides that, there are only 2 other missing assets which compared to other interesting routes I've found on the dls that also had a crap ton of missing assets, is an improvent XD. Besides regarding one of the two, it pulled up a newer asset which means I can replace missing one with the newer varient
There's a program from called Images2TGA that can convert .texture files into standard image files, complete with a .txt file, which is what you're missing. I'd suggest doing that.

As for the missing doesn't always work, but the first thing to try is using Trainz Kuid Index to find it. (though bear in mind that you'll need to be logged in to use it) If that doesn't work, you can search the internet to see if anyone else has a missing kuid file mirroring the one you're missing. (though technically you did since you were on, which doesn't always have what you're looking for)

And if THAT doesn't work, then you might need to look on Si3D because that kuid file you're missing looks like it might come from there.
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How old is the route, if the route is a few years old or more it could have assets that have since vanished from the web. There were a bunch of Trainz sites that closed with some of their assets appearing on other Trainz sites. Like for example, Approach Medium has some Backshop signs, cars, and buildings hosted, and some freeware steam locomotives from Backshop are on another site. I find it frustrating when assets can't be found on the kuid index or google. And there is no easy way to replace them if they are missing or faulty. I have routes from Control Point Simulations that are unvailable right now, the site closed and the routes weren't uploaded anywhere else. One of them, the MEC through Crawford Notch which is now Conway Scenic, was payware. The other is a fictitious tourist railroad set in New England called Muskanippee Valley.