What's Your Favorite Route?


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Hello Trainz community.

Lately I've been growing rather tiresome of the routes that I use in Trainz. It's not that they're bad routes, (they're all top-of-the-line in my book), it's just that I'm growing old of the same scenery and towns.

I'd like to make this thread so that everyone can share what their favorite route is so that it can help others to find out about "new" routes. For example: what I'm looking for is a possibly rather lengthy (50~ish + miles) of the Eastern U.S. (My Eastern K&L engines are building up and it just doesn't feel right running the Nickel Plate through East Kentucky. :hehe:)

So let's see what routes everybody likes to use. Please comment!

Thanks! :wave:
Nothing to stopping you from changing the scenery.
I can spend several hours just on one small area.
I did this way back in 2004 It even has animated butter flys

To answer: almost all model RR
EK3,EVWR,Clovis all of Gfisher's Routes a couple of Neilsmiths749 i like and all of these i try to modify then delete and start again cause i stuffed them sum how lol and when i'm in the Aussie Mood it's Wadalbavale Line or sum of Patchy's or Axe1970 Aussie Routes these i also modify till they are broken LOL. Sum good one's out there for sure but you have to wade thru a heap of crap to find them.
Cheers Mick:)
Well my absolute favorite is still dermmy’s McCall Yard (with Clovis a close second), but neither one meet your criteria. McCall might be eastern but it certainly isn’t lengthy; Clovis is, but certainly isn’t Eastern. Two that I like that might be what you’re looking for are jrfolco’s WM & B&O Mega Route Native Mode (http://glenwoodshops.com/WM__BO_Mega_Route_Native_Mode.shtml) and leeferr’s Ashland Central System (kuid:262137:100030).
These are NOT in order:

1. BR (WR) V3 Suburban Route & Branch Line - by dickturpin
2. Settle & Carlisle Routes - by paulhobbs, AndrewH, and mike10 (hope i got them all)
3. McCall Yard - by dermmy

These are worth checking out, especially if you like yardwork and shunting, but like mainline driving now and then, like me.

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I have three BR (WR) V3 Suburban Route & Branch Line - by dickturpin

BR (WR) up updated for trainz 12 and put them both together to make one route

and of course the most famous one GCR 5 but there is a lot of filling in to do with the fields Ecx very grav in places but the run is excellent