what's the secret with Wulf_9's ARN system.


I am attempting to add Automatic Running Numbers to an item of rolling stock, using the ARN grid and ARN library by Wulf_9.

I have added the appropriate attachment points to an item of rolling stock, and added the the number configuration table to the config file. I have also added the required kuids to the kuid_table.

When I preview the asset without a running script - the carnumbers configured in the library are displayed (carnumber_B0, carnumber_b1 etc.). This is also the case in game.

When I preview with the script running then nothing displays, preview or in game.

The setup is effectively a copy of the ARN configuration setup of <kuid2:44700:19239:5> (24 SR&RL Flat Car 28ft LRN) - which works perfectly well in preview and in the game.

help would be appreciated.