Static popping/audio popping issues with trainz forge models (Ex: Big Boy)

Whenever I'm using trainzforge's big boy models in T:ANE or TRS19, I can't help but notice static popping noises while I'm running them. It's annoying, it overrides JR tracksounds. I've tried pairing it with modded rolling stock(modded with SA tracksound) but it often doesn't work. I've even switched out the engine sounds from that of K&L's FG-1 and it still hasn't worked. Anyone know how to fix these issues? I've already contacted trainzforge about it but they had no solution.

Bear in mind, I do have a really good computer (cyberpower ET9370-12870), with Radeon RX 570 drivers. I've also set my speakers to 16bit 48,000Hz, reduced CPU usage as much as possible, configured it for gaming using windows, and lowered the graphics settings of TRS19 to the lowest qually to resolve this problem, but to no avail in making the popping go away.

The models are made by Stormsirens2, Trainboi1 and Daylightrain
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The issue is that old versions of Trainz use DirectXSound which only supports a limited number of simultaneous sounds. You would have to upgrade to TRS22 to get more sounds to play as it uses Xaudio2.