ARN breaks on RRMods cars after a certain amount of the same car is placed.


Angry Trainz Nerd
Here's kind of an unusual problem, and hopefully someone knows of a fix.

I have multiple pieces of RRMods rolling stock, both free and payware, and it's all great. It's by far some of my favorite stuff to use. However, after placing several of the same car (like, 20 or so), the automatic numbering on that car stops working. Even on cars with 1000+ numbers in the ARN range, after about 20 or so, newly-placed cars lack running numbers and they have to be manually assigned. This has happened on their covered hoppers, open hoppers, and tank cars.

This doesn't seem to happen on ARN-enabled cars from other creators.

Has anyone else ever seen this ?


If they're using the T:ANE built in numbering system then that's where the problem is, after placing stock on the route in properties it'll come up as "-1" for the running number, my stuff gets this allot, if it's using a personal script for the numbers then it's conflicting with all numbers used and is struggling to generate numbers.

100s of cars overloads the numbering script. Cars released since May/June 2020 use a scripting library, which is more robust when placing large numbers of cars. All upcoming releases will use this library and I hope to update existing cars.