What Other Games Have You Seen Trains In?


Battlefield Three - Operation Metro has a number of subway cars.
GTA IV has a large metropolitan network, both Elevated and Subway connecting all of the island together.
ArmA II Operation Arrowhead has some stationary trains.
Garry's Mod has some.
Dead Space 2 has a monorail type futuristic train that you have to ride on a few times, and fight Necromorphs on.
Some Motorcross game I played years ago had an ore train that ran around a large oval track around a mine, you had to jump over it a few times.
Hornby Virtual Railway.
Lego Island racing game. I think had a train.
One of the Future Cop games had a subway train you had to ride on top of, and shoot baddies.
Left 4 Dead and Left 4 Dead 2, you ride on a train in the Sacrafice, also you get off one in the Swamp Fever campaign.


In the Beta of Super Mario Sunshine there was going to be a "Train System" where Mario could take a train but they took it out because they said "Trains are out of Character for Mario"
Following on from my original post (found here) about trains appearing in the Final Fantasy series (because it seems I've hit the character limit in that post) - the latest FF games also feature trains:

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII: The second sequel to FFXIII features a suspended monorail network (that closely resembles the real-world Wuppertal suspended monorail) running between the four main areas of the game. The trains that run on this network run to strict timetables and thus the timetable boards and destination displays in the stations are fully functional. By the time of the game's setting the network is somewhat in decline, with the stations run down and shabby, and even the trains look old and banged up - not surprising given it's set 500 years after the end of FFXIII-2. ;)

Final Fantasy XIV: Online ~ A Realm Reborn: the reboot to FFXIV and many of it's expansion packs features numerous separate rail networks in the world of Hydaelyn:

The first is found in the Central Thanalan region being used by the city of Ul'dah to transport ore from it's mines, that runs from a (blocked off) tunnel under Ul'dah (via the 'Ul'dah Dispatch Yard') to a station at Black Brush, and then branching into two spur lines that run into separate tunnels that are also blocked off. A non-player character standing at Black Brush Station mentions that if the player waits long enough, the train will arrive, but sadly no actual train appears (although what appear to be derelict hopper wagons lay wrecked underneath one of the bridges, where the rat-like qi'qirn tribe have turned into an encampment). The Copperbell Mines dungeon also features derelict mine cart tracks (two minions the player can gain are mine carts too).

The second line is much larger and runs between the 'Cereleum Processing Plant' in Northern Thanalan and the Imperial base of Castrum Centri in Mor Dhona - this later line was built and is run by the belligerent Garlean Empire, and has the dubious moniker of the 'Phantom Train', a reference to FFVI's train of the same name (while also probably referring to it's secretive, military nature). This line is also mentioned in the story as being blockaded during the Operation Archon military campaign to prevent Garlean reinforcements arriving. The Castrum Meridanium dungeon at the end of the game also includes the Phantom Train's Depot as a stage, but again, it is not shown (although judging by the gauge of the track, it's huge - several characters during the game in fact remark how cavernous the train apparently is - it's also apparently very uncomfortable to ride in. judging by one character's comments ;)).

In the Stormblood expansion, the Omega raids feature a reenactment of the Phantom Train from FFVI, complete with fighting it on a flatbed wagon in front.

The Shadowbringers expansion also showed the parallel worlds to Hydaelyn also have their own trains - specifically the world of the First Shard has handcart lines in the Ahm Araeng region with trolleys propelled by giant magical rock robots called Talos (a long questline involves getting the trolley line up and running again) - which is soon derailed by a villian punching the trolley cart off the rails with his fists!

And the most recent Endwalker expansion examines the previously mentioned Garlean trains in their home nation - with Garlemald's capital city shown to have both above ground and underground rail networks. One such train is shown derailed and wrecked, and is even noted on the map as 'The Runaway Train'. The locomotives are... odd, appearing at first glance to be streamlined 4-6-4 steam tank locomotives (with incomplete motion - they lack the connecting rod from the piston with only the return rod from the valve gear connected to the wheels, and the front bogie also appears to have some kind of booster engine on it).

However one of the inactive locomotives at Tertium station that the 1st Garlean Legion has made their base, which is being used as a stationary generator to power their lights, show it to be some kind of diesel electric (or rather, cereleum electric - cereleum being a propane-like gas Garlean technology runs on) with an obvious V-8 engine complete with cylinder heads and electrical generator, thus making the use of steam locomotive cylinders and valve gear puzzling. The carriages at the station naturally being used for accomodation, as an infirmary and storage by the soldiers and refugees.

Later it's shown one underground rail line in Garlemald is still in operation for freight and munitions haulage under the control of the zealot Telephori - during the Tower of Babil dungeon, the dungeon begins by the party jumping on a train and fighting enemies on it until it reaches the station under the Garlean palace.

And with the 6.3 patch, a player minion version of the Phantom Train (or rather it's locomotive only) was added (like a toy that follows the player), called the 'Bantam Train'.

Final Fantasy XV - towards the end of the game the party rides a train to the Nifleheim Empire's capital, which appears to be hauled by a steam locomotive resembling the infamous C&O M-1 class steam-turbine electric locomotives of all things.
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War Thunder's devs are working on incorporating trains into their simulation; primarily as targets for bombing runs and ground attack.
There is a train hazard in Team Fortress 2.
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Trainz:)P) MSTS, Railworks, Transport Tycoon Deluxe :p, Minecraft, London Underground Simulator, Tomb Raider III(That's the one with Laura's house, right?), Sims 4, well rather the track. :p, Advanced Tram Simulator, Crazy Taxi, I believe that's them all.

(I've Played Trainz, Played a Christmas Demo Of Railworks, TTD, LUS, ATS and Crazy Taxi :p, I might have seen trains/z :hehe: in more games than I can think of, maybe)
I just remembered the trains in my all time favourite game series (sorry trainz:hehe:). Motorstorm Apocalypse... so fun. Extreme racing game in an apocalyptic setting (I'm betting San-fransisco, since theres a big 'golden' bridge). One of the tracks is a train station. There's piled up trains, subways, fallen bridges. Really crazy stuff. Even a train that jumps from a broken bridge onto the platform (locomotives look like the Amtrak F40PH locomotives). Excuse the huge picture size! No smaller versions I'm afraid :confused:
I should plug my PS3 into this computer and play this game again. And Motorstorm Pacific Rift... and the original...
The Getaway:Black Monday for PS2,They have London Underground cars.
The new GTA5 have a Light Rail and a freight train.
GTA (Vice City not have)and GTA 2
True Crime NYC.in this game we can use the subway and take the R142 Subway car.
i remenber the Siphon Filter,Wasinghton subway level.
Siphon filter 2 have a New York subway station.
Metal Gear Solid:peace Walker,the mission "Rescue Chico".
Die Hard Trilogy,The game based on the second film.is a freight loco like SD40 or similar.
Die Hard Trilogy.The game based on the tihrd film,we can see elevated portion of the subway and some times we can see subway cars,the same train like it on underground levels.And the same Freight train from the second film game.This in the Quays level.
Scott Pilgrim game.
I've seen some in:

Need For Speed: Shift 2 Unleashes, one UP and another ATSF

Stuntman Ignition, it has SpeedTrees!

Autobahn Polezei: Watch out, those trains will destroy you!

Team Fortress 2

I could go on and on...
Mafia II had a good bit of railroad scenes. In War Thunder, there are rail lines, but train(vehicles) have not been added to the game yet as a potential target. LA Noire had SP style trams.
City Car Driving has trams and a railway crossing (though i don't know if a train ever comes or not), I'll see if I can get a picture of them some time.

last but not least. A game of Benoit Sokal, called

Transarctica, another french game from Silmarils (1993)

Another game is REM I & REM II. Not really a train game, but still a kind of RR-Train-Tracks based. You can only get through via the rails. REM I i did not manage to finish off, but REM II I did.

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