What is up with the new forum format?


New member
I have not visited in a while and am bewildered by this new bizarre format to the forum ..it was very normal and easy to use and now it looks like some take off on cell phone format. anyway, what happend to our listings of past trains formats we own, and our user and posting history> it shows me as being a new member i have been here for many years..can anyone help with info on how this new stuff works and i could care less about trophies, etc. is there any way to get the old format back ?
We're all still getting used to the new forum software. It's like that new pair of leather shoes that will need to be worn in to feel comfortable again. Right now, the heal is still a bit tight and causing blisters.
Heel, toes, everything is either too tight or too lose; and the wrong color to boot.