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After keep trying to backup my system and failing due to lake of space for the arcive function to work in nero and getting directory names greater that 256 character as well ......

I decied to try Norton System doctor that said there was errors in my system, after fixing them the drivers now will load for the XP 6200 V video card, Yipee .....

After installing the Card and Installing what is now the latest drivers that came out for Win98 81.85 Trainz Classic started running really slow ....

Thinking first it was the New video card and its drivers I reverted to the old card and drivers but this does not help,

when I was trying to backup my system, I decied to remove what I was not using, since there is no updates for the copy of nortons I have as its quite old I removed its internet services thinking it would not effect anything else.

What I think it has it done is upset the dialing option for TC as i am not seeing that screen anymore and it either thinksd it is connected or trying to find a way to connect therefore making the program run slow.

Is there actually a way to stop it even trying to connect to the internet, I seem to remember sometinh with 2006 when I had it loaded.

I have turned off the update feature for CMP, there is a checkmar in the square but it also seems to still try and connect to the internet.

Once i sort this out I will have to see if i can still get a latter AGP driver for my MSI board for Win98 and might be able to return to the 6200 video card, but we will just have to wait and see

Thanks in advance

Forgot to mention

I did actually load the All the MSI drivers including AGP from the fisk that came with the computer.

Tried a MSI update but it says there is no newer driver for AGP for the 5660V execpt for XP

The intresting thing is i also checked 2004 and it is running the same

Someone please help.