What does "YARN" stand for?


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This is as in YARN roads by maddy. Also, what does "YARNish" mean? Several authors have YARNish content.

What I really wish for is YARN splines, including merge lanes, on-ramps, off-ramps, with guard rails down the edges of the shoulders and not just down the center divider. That is guard rails already build in to the roads. I hate having to put in guard rail by hand separately. Also unappreciated is cars that drive on YARN merge lanes along the edges with half the car hanging off the pavement.
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"Yet Another Road Network" and YARNish is anything made to work with the original YARN stuff.
Flusi, you got it wrong. It's gotta be this lol:
Again - I Googled "YARN Trainz" and got 23 examples instantly showing examples. It seems to take a lot less time than waiting for a reply here.
The word YARN


The definition of the word yarn is:

1) To tell a story, which more or less at any given moment contains a dubious amount of exaggeration. (To spin a yarn).

2) To have conversation with someone, most likely pertaining to trivial matters.

3) Fibre. Natural or synthetic, for example wool, nylon. Often found as one continuous thread bound into a ball, used for knitting.

4) A weed, or a type or pot.

5) Yarn is a slang term for fight used mainly in Australia.

Anyway in relation to the YARN topic this page is more informative:




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I tried Google too but found nothing as to what "YARN" stood for. Being in all capital letters I figured it was some sort of abbreviation.

Now, what "TUME" stands for really stumps me!:confused:
I seriously doubt you even know what Google is, as I found the answer to your next question in 3 seconds.
Guess what I did? Here is the link.

Stop lying and start using search features Jon. If you keep lying and lazy, it will only make more people very irritated by you.

Whow...hold the phone...whats this G-o-o-g-l-e thing? I should Ask Jives what that is. Also, TUME is a user name in case that link is to hard to click.