I'm prepping my grand model layout for TANE import.


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The route originated in TS12. Some changes have to be made to make it run smooth in a later game edition.

- Some content is simply not compatible with TANE and other stuff has to be substituted. This includes some rolling stock items as well as many vehicles and animals figures (namely angus bulls) by dinorius redundicus. To make some this content not listed as faulty, one has to submit it in TANE. Other similar content will say that it has faulty dependencies and there may not be a downloadable version of it compatible with TANE.

- Another thing is that this is a model train layout with elevated benchwork. Going from TS12 to TANE means that content along the edge of the table may fall down into the ground and thus having a sink hole effect. Importing a TS12 route into TANE will cause this unless certain special preparations are made. Track and objects with spline points can be locked to mitigate this sink hole effect. Static objects, unlike track, roads, fences, slabs and telephone poles, have no way to absolutely lock the height settings independent of ground level. Some of the most troublesome content during importation is YARN roads and intersections near bench edges. It is almost impossible to keep a route-imported YARN intersection suspended well above ground level if the indicated ground height value just inside (or outside) the bench walls is about -10 meters or something like that. I have seen false indications of ground level for ground just inside the benchwork. The ground looked flush along the top of the benchwork but the ground height Topo tool indicated a false reading of -10 meters. It seems as the map coordinates for a TS12-created route may shift some when imported into TANE. I have tried to raise a YARN intersection near the bench edge in TANE but after saving and reopening the route, the intersection changed to a different height all on its own. It did no good in the long run to try to correct a faulty object height in TANE following the importation. The YARN intersection and its attached streets may rise up too high or fall down too low after successive openings of the route. Sometimes streets would become detached from the intersections and they could not be re-attached. Messy complications along bench moldings occur when importing a route into a latter edition of the game. Other objects as stop signs, street signs, static vehicles, dogs and people figures might not hold their height values consistently as well. Importation of a TS12 layout into TANE may cause some of the ground to collapse near the edge of the bench where there is an abrupt change in ground level. So what I had to do was go back into TS12 Surveyor and modify the edges along the benchwork. I had to bring the ground up to grade (the level of the table top) out past the edge of the bench about 20 meters more or less. About two dighole widths. The digholes make this raised ground invisible. Then a spline material as house grass is used to cover the digholes along the base of the bench walls. I had to make the 14 m house grass double width, two separate rows running parallel, to cover this degree of dighole extension past the bench molding. This is an outdoor 1/10 scale model layout so the floor of the train room is actually grass. This keeps ground level along the edges of the layout so objects near edges don't fall in. Bringing this invisible ground extension up to grade past the bench also ensures Surveyor and free-roaming cameras won't fall underneath the benchwork along the edges as well.


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