What did You get for Christmas?

I got a Lego train, a Trolley calendar, A retired Septa route board, some gift cards, a The Railroad Press magazine.
I set the lego train up with the other one that I got 2 years ago and made a layout that has 3 tracks in one point. I also set up the little intermodal terminal that came with it.
HO SCALE MTH SD70ACe w/ DCC and sound, decoder for my GP35, and an Athearn Frisco hopper for RR stuff, then some vinyl records...
Yesterday my mother's family came down to visit. My Uncle did not make it however; he works for RJ Corman and was in Russellville, Ky helping to organize the cleanup of a derailment that occurred there on Christmas Eve. He sent this to me via the ones who did get to make it: http://www.star1889.com/images/products/railroad/2012-mulberry-frontview.jpg I called him this morning and thanked him for it. He said this is the type of lantern that the men on his crew use, so I was excited to be getting the real-deal thing, especially one that's new! :cool:
This is a good book, I can attest to many a times using it about 25 years ago...
I received some money, a digital radio and a book which is considered the "Volkswagen Bible".


And next year, I'll finally be getting a Volkswagen to keep alive! :D

This Is What I Got For Christmas

ok I got a nabi dreamtab, a Bachmann Thomas with Annie and Clarabel model train set and a Bachmann cranky the crane to go with it and I also got a ho scale passenger station to go with cranky and the train set. :D