what cars I shall build for Trainz

Hi, Lothar. Could you build a Porsche 914 for Trainz? Not a racing version, but a standard consumer style. They have been one of my favorite automobiles, although I never had the opportunity to own/drive one.

Thanks! :wave:

Hi Andrew

I also work on this car:)

awesome cars. What's the poly counts on em like? They're like YZ's Trucks, but smaller XD.

Good Job,
Hello Lothar,

How about some simple cars like:

2000-present Toyota Corolla,

2001 Toyota Celica GT/GTX with spoiler

2010 Jeep Liberty

2010 Jeep Cherokee

Present day Toyota Camry


sorry to sound like a gimmie pig! :)

I'd love to see a 2015 or 2009 Mustang or a 2003 Volvo XC70 in game. Tesla Model S would be cool, too.
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Hi Lothar,

If I had to pick from the list to which you linked, the volvo242, the Toyota Supra, the Silverado and the Mini are at the top of my list in that order. Otherwise, I'd go with John Citron's recommendations, adding maybe a Honda Accord (sedan) or a Hyundai Santa Fe (a good representative crossover SUV, there are lots of them on the road, but none of this kind of item AFAIK have been made for Trainz). An ultra-lo-poly spline of parked cars would be very much welcome as well.
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I'm 70 years old and my first car was a 1965 GTO, light green, and I would love to have it on my routes. Thanks for the offer.
Since I neglected the request part of this thread before, and I haven't looked through all of the pics you have so some of these might be done already or repeats, but I'd like to see more of the common cars that are on the roads represented.

First and formost on that list would be a Ford Crown Vic (Crown Victoria) Police interceptor, which if you do right would be an easy conversion to their civvi version, though the Interceptors are FAR FAR more common (They're sold by most Police Departments when they hit about 100K miles, some as little as 75K and others as much as 150K). This same model car is the staple of Police, Government, Private Security, and Taxi companies the Nation over..... And I have yet to see a good model of one.....

On that line of thought, a good newer Ford Interceptor (Haven't caught the back of one yet so IDK what model they are, but it seems most PDs are switching to these, certainly State Patrol units are), or a Dodge Charger's since alot of Departments have at least one of these now if not more.

Ford Explorers. Theres a few passable stand-in's I've seen, but they're just passable.... Chevy Suburbans for that matter is another one.....

Next up if were going more modern would be a Toyota Prius. The older late 90s-mid 2000s version that basically only got changed because of the Tsunami. These things are everywhere these days...... I remember reading that when the Tsunami hit Toyota had something like a back order of about 5000 vehicles that were basically not going to get filled until they recovered.....

Honda Civic, pretty much any year/body style. #1 commercially Selling car in the US for I forget how many years......

Ford F-Series or Dodge Ram Pick ups. Make a single model, and cover 3-6 verisons of that body style simply by adding extensions, King Cabs, Dually Rear Axles, whatever. Definitely missing from the game, at least the ones made after about 1980.... Again, any body style.

Oh, the one I would PERSONALLY like to see? BOX TRUCKS...... The only decent ones we have atm are YZ's Kenworths, and a single Japanese one I dug up god only knows where. Further YZ didn't make many and ttbomk there are no Undec/Reskinables available. That Said, Kenworth Box Trucks are pretty rare anyway, they're expensive as sin (Though I do see them from time to time). Id like to see a good International Cab Box, Ford F-3-650s, Freightliner, or even some Cab Over Mitsubishi, Volvo, and other similar Makes. Missing liveries would include Ryder (White and Yellow would cover probably 20+ years depending on body style), U-Haul, Penske, you could even make some older Budget Trucks. Simple White Undecorated would work very well too since not like we don't see dozens of these on the freeways everyday anyway.....

Thats what I came up with in 15 minutes, Ill see what I see on the road this afternoon at work and see if I can't give you some additional suggestions for REALLY common, though conspicuously absent from trainz, Carz....

Hello, Lothar,

Personally, anything Volkswagen will go down a treat with me. :D

I do not think any Type III's (Fastback, Notchback or Squareback) are in Trainz yet.

You've already done some great cars; I like that Mercedes Benz 280S. Could I suggest a 1965-or-so MB 220E?

How about a Bentley 8-Litre? They are beautiful and ponderous cars; I occasionally draw Bentley-esque 1930s cars for fun.
many wishes are there










by and by I will fulfill the wish.
the ranking is today

Ford Mustang
Plymoth Cuda
Mercedes Unimog
Mustang Shelby
I will have a lot of work


Thank you for the Celica. :)

I had one just like that, except it was blue. It was a great car when it wasn't snowy on the roads. :)