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I just recently got the Trains Simulator 2 and 3 apps for iPad, and I really wish I could like them. There are just a lot of issues.

In Trainz Simulator 2, I can forgive problems more, since it’s free (unless you want Amtrak or other add-ons). With the newer version, however, I am a bit more disappointed.

Firstly, the older, free app, while clunky and outdated, is fairly consistently functional. While the newer app may have theoretically better graphics or something, it lacks almost any of the useful features of the old app. Firstly, the graphic performance is terrible in the new app. For some reason, the whole thing is a bit pixelated, and it’s tough to read signs until you are passing them. Also, the usability features used in the old app to make up for deficiencies in the touch screen medium, importantly, resources to allow you to know what’s ahead, like the yellow and red speed limit drop indications, are gone in the newer, more expensive app. This makes it more of a guessing game than anything, as you have no time to react. The new app crashes quite a bit, and the super liner cars, in particular, have strange lighting glitches at all times. Also gone in the new app is the settings menu. There are no settings. The graphics feel slightly less dated in the new app, but the performance is undeniably terrible. The menus are also weird, listing objects next to trains next to routes next to sessions, when it seems like they all ought to be more separate. Lastly, the shop is more limited than the previous app, and it’s still quite outdated, also omitting a search feature, for some inexplicable reason.

I sincerely would hope that there are some serious improvements made to this sad piece of wasted potential, since it could be so much more than it is. It seems I simply paid money for a downgrade from a free app, which is unacceptable.

I might as well also add that the controls in Trainz Simulator 3, while an improvement over the previous app, are still a bit small and close enough to the bottom of the screen that it’s hard to use them precisely.
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Thanks for the feedback.

For some reason, the whole thing is a bit pixelated,
this sounds like the textures aren't finished loading (if it is VERY blurry). Otherwise, please provide a screenshot so we can determine what you're referring to.

Signals - Tap the left display to switch between speed display and track profile.

"have strange lighting glitches at all times"
>> please provide a screenshot

Menus - if you filter on locos you see only locos. If you filter on All you will see routes, locos, sessions, etc.

Settings - in theory, the settings are set up for your device by default (
I'm assuming you're using an older iPad or possibly a hardware problem as it runs great on 4th generation according to most reports).

Controls - Tap above or below the throttle to make fine adjustments.
Ok, some of these do fix issues. It’d be nice if there was somewhere to find tool tips, cause these features are a bit hidden. Maybe they’re in the tutorials, but those are a bit long and inconvenient if I already know what I want to do.

I have screenshots, but I’m not able to post them here, apparently. (Maybe I could add them from a PC?) The issues shown would be the low resolution (not blurry, the resolution is literally lower than the screen, I can see pixels), glitches (an ugly noise pattern in the super liner windows, the F40PH horn is almost inaudible from the cab, trains constantly no clip through tunnel walls), and there are some weird inconsistencies in gameplay (the F40PH has ditch lights, but the option is greyed out, and there is no wait or any kind of signal for if you pick up passengers at stations, like in the old app).
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