What and where are all the files I need to remove for a clean install on a MAC


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My Trainz 2019 got corrupt somehow and is acting funny. It freezes and the only way to exit is to Force Quit. I tried deleting the App itself and reinstalled TS2019 but the problem is still there. What and Where are the other files I need to remove to do a clean install? I want to start from scratch with a clean version.

I am running Mac OS Monterey 12.0.1,


Before you go to that extreme my I ask... did you try a db rebuild??? On Mac you launch the app and then on main menubar at top of screen "Developer" and "Rebuild Database."
If you tried a DB rebuild as in the above post and really want a fresh install delete your userdata folder. It can be found by clicking on "Trains Settings" on the Launch screen and then "Install" tab which will show your "Local Data Folder" - Delete that data folder and delete the TRS19 app then download a fresh copy and install.
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I have tried everything but I still TS19 is unstable. I have even downloaded the origin files several times from Auran, no luck. It seems to be something to do with Surveyor. I can run the default sessions from Kickstarter County 2 without issue until I try to close the game then it locks and the only way to close the game is to force quit. If I go into surveyor and try to add rolling stock the selection tab jams half way open and I cannot doing anything else except close by force quit. The game was working fine for the longest time. I did not notice if it was caused by the SP4 but the timeline seems about right. I made a screen video of what is going on but not sure what is the best way to share to this forum.

On a side note, I don't understand why my Trainz Member info shows TS 2 Mac and not my TANE and TS19. I have purchased all those versions. I am using the same log in for everything.

Sorry, I did not search the forum before posting. I realize now that there is an issue with TRS19 and Mac Monterey. Will wait for a fix.