TRS 2019 SP4 odd behavior on Mac OS Monterey

I'm running TRS19 SP4 on Mac OS Monterey / Mac Mini M1 and is largely worst than SP3: slugginess, no statistics displayed in most routes (I'm monitoring adaptive sync), train speed in cab view mode is often on 0 (zero) regardless the real speed, exiting a session often doesn't and I need to force quit.
I've read that rebuilding the DLC should repair most problems but the dlc repair is done each time I launch the game.
Any help or suggestion is appreciated.
Hi Simon,

I updated to Mac OS Monterey last night, and found that today TRS19 SP4 is also behaving oddly. In route editor, I cannot select any of the options down the right hand side of the screen, so I affectively cannot build anything! Also if I try and quit the route, it shows me the main TRS2019 loading screen and then goes back into route editor with a brand new tile with nothing on it. The only way to exit the route is to force quit the game.

Seems like there are compatibility problems that will need fixing! :(

I have found that since installing the update on my Mac (with Monterey installed) I cannot get any new build from Transdem to install correctly. I only get a very small section showing the map, even though the route and terrain show the entire area.