I need help in updating the Script .gs files for the Monorail Cabs & Cars


Is there anyone that has .gs script experience to help me update the Disney MKVI Monorail Scripts for the Cabs and cars?
Also for the Epcot Station and the WDW Contemporary Hotel?

The DLS reject the scripts stating the the "router postmessage" is obsolete.
Due to this error there are no downloads for the later Trainz 2019, 2022 builds.
I have tried myself to update them using the WIKI instructions and all I get is Syntax, & Parser errors.
I already have the Build 2.9- 2009 on the DLS and not available for the later Trainz.

You can pm me. The .gs files are already available on the DLS for the 2009 Downloads in the Cabs, Cars, Epcot, and the Hotel.
Also the MKVI Right, and left Junctions need updated.
I would be more than happy to donate to anyone with my PayPal that could help me update these Scripts, then I could do a new version for the Community to be able to download the MKVI Monorail system for the later Trainz 2019, 2022.:)
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Thank You Christopher824.:)
Been there and done that. I tried with those instructions from that link and the results are Syntax and parser errors after changing to what it needs to be for the update.