Weird entries on the Driver Messages display

Trainz 2022 w/original surveyor

I'm getting what looks like machine instructions on my Driver Message display along with the normal "Approaching SIGNAL" or "Howard is stuck and awaiting instructions" type messages. Some examples:

***** Init door opening time = 3.200000
***** Init dust on time = 2.000000
***** Init dust off PFX string =-8-9-10-11-12-13-14-15-0-1-2-3-4-5-6

Did I accidentally turn on some debug function, or is this a program glitch?

Also, I tried to post a screenshot of the issue, but can't find a way without being able to assign a url address to the photo. No copy and paste or upload file function?
That sounds to me like someone`s asset is displaying debug output when run on your system, I agree, but it is possible that someone just forgot to turn that off before uploading.

As for the screenshot, one of the moderators suggested to me that I upload one to the gallery and link there for it.
Many assets do that now. I've seen Car-library loaded and other messages. I've never seen a setting to turn that off in-game which makes me wonder if it's a script related to the assets since this only appears for certain assets and not all.
Exactly. My project, if I ever get that far, already has built-in support for easily disabling debugging messages generated by it. I think I`ll add a few more ways to disable them when I work on it again, ways that will work on the user`s computer. How about an asset that just by existing turns them all off?