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I may be in social trouble here but I have wasted several precious days with this program. I send a train (with 4 coal cars) to a mine. They arrive and the first two cars are loaded then all activity ceases. Plenty of coal remains. NO ERROR IS POSTED!. No WHY is answered, The program offers no explanation as to the stoppage when more cars are to be filled. WHY does N3V not tell me what the problem is. I had 40 years in the industry fixing Univac-1, Fixing Univac-494, Programming in machine language and Cobol. I knew the people in the field offices wanted to not be left hanging. They wanted to know WHY and so did I!

My anger at just seeing the program stop with no error information is disgraceful.

I will have probably violated some forum norms but I have wasted two days.

N3V places the analyzing on the backs of the customers. Other companies have adopted this cost saving strategy. Eliminate the customer assistance function and let them fend amongst themselves. It is becoming very popular.

I am not looking for a try-this-or-that. I have done that. Just answer why.

Totally agree there are many instances when things don't work as intended and there is no explanation why. Then, do a little troubleshooting: Obviously, the industry has enough coal to fill more cars, yes?, I found the cars to show very large capacities each, but really in Trainz it does not matter. It could be set to carry 1 ton so you can see the visual representation of the load. Check the time it takes for the industry to replenish the used level of commodity (it is like an interval set for the level to go back to full). So, 2-3 cars load and everything stops?. What happens if you back the consist away from the industry and issue a new command to "go there" and load? Another draconian test is to set-up a regular M.I.N., set it to carry and produce coal, and run the consist there to see what happens? There are all kind of combinations of things you can do to get to the bottom of it. I have had the same problem time ago. It does not happen today and I can't remember what I did to solve it, but certainly it is a bug.
And the log files show the loading of the first two cars and then ... ? There is enough room for the consist to continue to advance through the loading area to bring the next car within range?
make sure the last two cars are configured to load the same coal, or enough room beyond the indusrty for rest of the cars to fit, i sometimes have to put a caboose on end of cola trains to get them to load all of them.
If there's plenty of coal and everything else is configured correctly and this doesn't work, you can enable script debugging, i e the red bug.

At the Launcher, click on Trainz settings and then the Dev tab.

Enable Script exception notifications.

When a script has issues, it'll pop up the red bug and clicking on that will give you details if this is in fact a script error that's causing the problem.
W H Y do I bother reading these threads? I have no solutions, just want to keep up with the latest episode of the long-running series “The Struggles of Boleyd”.

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...Just answer why.


Because the author of the scripts didn't write the code to handle empty/full queues, wrong products, etc, and inform the user. Trainz will provide the information but it's up to the asset developer to do something about it.

The industry process is a complex beast as it relies on industry scripts, vehicle scripts, and queues set up to handle trains of a particular length and capacity. If its designed to handle 10 cars of coal then turning up with 20 is going to be an issue.