Variable lenght Multi industry track

Has anyone come up with an idea to make a variable length track for multi industry instead of the default 10m or 60m length? It be great to have industry tracks were you can just lay down just like regular track but with the custom length you need.
Really I never though on this. Yes, it will be a great idea. Since it has never been done, I though it was not possible, hence the fixed lengths. Any takers?
Can't really see the need as the existing tracks give all types of loading abilities. I find the 10m the most useful as it can do stop and go load/unload and moving load/unload.
Usually the need is to have the track beside a building so length doesn't matter.
Hi Mike
Could you or anyone else advise what to search for on the DLS for the moving load/unload industry you mention. It seems like just what I'm after.

The 10m Multi str -10m track loads very quickly because only one wagon is on it at a time, so that the train pauses for a very short time and gives the impression of a constant loading process.
I use it on my 120 hopper coal trains under a flood tower and it looks just like the real thing as it crawls along. Takes half an hour to load a train. Try it out yourself kuid2:102376:63031:2
A 10 ft interactive section of track
Author bendorsey

A 10 ft interactive section of track that will load an interactive car with crude oil.
Note!!! you will not be able to see where this item is in Driver so either make certain you remember
where you put it or place a sign off to the side.

Probably could be edited to Multi industry tracks.
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It is interesting to go into the cab and watch what the AI driver is doing while loading with this track. The brakes are applied but the car loads and the train momentum keeps it going at around 3mph, which is what a real loco does on coal loading.