using asset favourites


Hi all, How do I make assets a favourite, and recall the list? For example I may use Sig 3A sid LTD signal through out a route, I see there is a favorite option it haven't a clue how to use it!!


Steve aka Simtrain
In TANE? Right now favorites and ratings seem to be broken. What you can do is put it on a pick list in surveyor so it will be handy when you need it.
Hey guys, Here's a handy way to keep all your assets together and you can select them anytime during route building.

First you've got to set up a single baseboard and name it,.. say, e.g. 'ASSETS',... then place one of every item you like (Stations, Track, Catenary, Signals, Crossings, Tunnels, Bridges, Buildings, Roads, and Textures), in specific sections of this board. Then once you are satisfied that you have what you want, save it as a ROUTE. Then re-save it again with a new name, say,... e.g. 'ASSETS MASTER' and keep this one Route file for future additions.

In starting off a new route, start it with your 'ASSETS' Route file and add a new baseboard on the side of the direction you intend to build, then name and save your new Route. Whenever you want to select an item it is already beside your route.
When you have completed your route, just delete the original baseboard and save your file.

I find this method very handy and it's much quicker than scrolling through the asset list. If you discover new assets you like, add them to the 'Assets Master' route, then save it again in the 'Assets' file (overwriting it) - then it will be ready for your next route.
I hope this might give you some ideas to work with.