Upgraded from 49922 to 61388 and I've got questions


Get over it
As the title says I bit the bullet and upgraded. No problems with the patch either way, about 2 hours for everything to load. Now for my questions: how do I fix the wav files? A lot of the items that are loaded into covered hoppers, tank cars, boxcars, bulkheads, etc. have to be upgraded. For instance: Potash - kuid2:30671:9283640:1 needs to be 9283640:2. Do I have to make the changes or does the game take care of that? I really have a lot of changes to make along those lines. I haven't even gotten to the locos yet. That might be another nightmare. Any suggestions or thoughts will be appreciated. Thanks.
There is a guide in the TS12 forum (I believe it's by davesnow) on how to fix the wave file issues - use Audacity to do it or Asset-X.

As for the upgrades, if it's your own content, right-click it in Content Manager and use Create New Version.

AssetX is by far the easiest method. Watch the wav files I have come across a few that were also config errors as in

"filename.wav                                  "
In those cases just remove the gap before the end quote