My Version Of The SPSF Kodachrome Paintscheme

Long gone are the days of the SPSF Kodachrome Paintscheme with the red locomotives that had black tops, yellow cabs/rear and silver trucks with black fuel tanks. We all know the merger wasn't approved.

I was working on bringing about a new paintscheme for a fictional Class 1 railroad that (according to my written fictional records) had its inception in 1888 under the name CCR (Canadian Continental Railroad) up to 1970 (with some name changes in between) and decided to go back to that name in 2023. The former title of the company prior to returning to its original CCR name of origin was OGH (Objective Global Heritage).

I went through 20 different design concepts that consisted of two types of main color usage. The first type was predominately Scarlet. The second type was predominately Dark Burgundy aka Black Cherry. I just couldn't find a happy or satisfying medium. So I went back to the very first idea I had which was similar to the SPSF Kodachrome. I already released the 60ft CCR HiCube boxcars onto the DLS almost three months ago (the Diamond Logo being the company's official identity).

In the first design concept of the paintscheme I did that was like the SPSF Kodachrome via inspiration and admiration, I made sure that the design wasn't exactly like the SPSF Kodachrome. Instead there are some similarities and differences such as:

(1) CCR Version has silver top.
*(2) Cab and rear is the same as SPSF.
(3) CCR Version has red front nose.
(4) CCR Version has logo on front nose/rear.
*(5) Top sides of long-hood are black, the same as SPSF.
(6) CCR Version has yellow horizontal line across long-hood under the black portion.
*(7) Front/rear cow-catchers are black, the same as SPSF.
(8) CCR Version has horizontal stream-lines that angle down from the cab onto the long-hood.
(9) CCR Version has both trucks and fuel tank as silver.
(10) CCR Version has a golden yellow shade vs the SPSF version which is more of a canary yellow.
(11) CCR Version number boards are black vs SPSF number boards being red.

So there are differences that I wanted to make sure to do with my livery. It's more or less a tribute paintscheme to the SPSF Kodachrome. I wanted to see that paintscheme (at least in the fictional world) back in action in a sense and what better way to do this than in the Trainz world?

I will release an A Version which is as described above and a B Version which will have the black (that's across the top sides of the long-hood) replaced by silver.

I will also release the Black Cherry version paintscheme (a throwback to a color scheme from 1920 to 1940). However, this paintscheme is not like the Kodachrome. This one is more or less like the CSX Dark Future paintscheme in some ways which is described as follows:

(1) Dark Burgundy/Black Cherry body.
(2) Silver top, fuel tank and trucks.
(3) Red cow-catchers, wipers (red plastic/ rubber).
(4) Yellow grab irons.
(5) Red stanchions.
(6) Red stripes on nose, face, cab rear and long-hood rear.
(7) Logo on nose and rear.
(8) Yellow stencils of company name (in full) on side with logo.

So the "Black Cherry" paintscheme is more or less "plain" compared to the Kodachrome which is "loaded". But I suppose by releasing both paintscheme locos, the ones with the most hits or downloads by 2024 would be a deciding factor on which scheme is preferred by those who download the assets.

The Kodachrome GP38-2 interior will be released first by September with the exterior being released a week later. I'm way behind schedule due to work and other events. Apologies for those who are waiting for these releases.

I placed some pics below. I suppose you all (that are interested) can vote which of the two schemes you'd go for and explain why. NOTE: On the Black Cherry scheme, it'll be a bit darker than in this pic (which was a light test to see how the color looks) plus the horizontal stripes were removed on a later version tester (which gives the loco look more of a CSX Dark Future appearance). I didn't take any snapshots of that version. Sorry.



Here is a TS12 preview of the CCR Kodachrome:



And here is one of many "CCR Black Cherry" design concepts I tried last month:


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