Unread forum messages?


Where is the option to read unread messages in this forum?
Selecting the "new posts" option is not the same as it resets every time you come back to the forum.

I just want to be able to see the posts that I have not read yet. Selecting "new posts" only shows me the messages that are new since the last time I logged on and if I don't read them all in that session they all still seem to be marked as read the next time I come here.

This means I seem to miss a lot of what gets posted as I don't read ALL new posts every time I come here.
Annoying isn't it. Closest you can get for that is Quick Links then Todays posts, which often seems to include a couple of days and are probably all marked as read!
I usually leave the forum open in the browser as I use a different PC for actually working In Trainz.
Firstly, make sure when you are logged in that you check the remember me box.
Open New Posts, when you have read those that you want to, go to Forum Actions and select Mark Forums Read.
Next time you come back and open New Posts you will only see posts added since your last visit.
Works for me :)

The advice you are giving here is not the behaviour of a forum that I expect on this or any other forum.
There is a session time limit on this forum which means that even if you leave the page open (as I do) then after the session timeout, if you have not read all the new posts and click the "New Posts" link, then any you have not read yet are still marked as read and disappear of the results.

This forum behaviour is quite unusual and very annoying as clam1952 has stated.

I run two forums (not Trainz related) and am a member of several others, none of these have this type of set up and I can leave posts unread for days and come back the next time to still see the unread posts just by clicking a link "View Unread Posts".

Why is this option not available here? Maybe N3V should upgrade the forum the v5.
It may be VBulletin related and from memory the upgrades between major versions are not free.


P.S. Have you tried using the Advanced Search feature? There's an option to show posts made after your last visit in there.
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I appreciate the help, but the Advanced Search doesn't do it either, it shows the same result as the New Posts link.

This appears to be the thing here.....
Why are posts I have not yet read being marked as though I have read them?
Why can I not search for only the posts that I have not read?