hello trainzer , I am looking for a tunnel single track tunnel for a layout with hills at both ends that will self dig and does not have huge portals at any end more for the uk type tunnel portals available..

I have looked and looked but don't seem to find one to match .

any suggestions would be helpful. cheers George
I don't think you will find anything like that. Most of the decent UK tunnels use standalone portals and digholes. The only tunnels which cut the terrain are the contained units with portals at both ends and spline track. These are now very primitive both in appearance and application. We do need a better tunnel system in Trainz, but you will get best results using the dighole system and manipulating the terrain to suit.

The only tunnel portals (for the dighole system) that have some sort of terrain mask that I'm aware of, are the US types created for the Avery to Drexel and Tehachapi routes. These are all custom built to specific locations and don't generally fit well even when used in other routes based on that sort of area.
It is best to disable the "Snap to Grid" feature in the tunnel config file, and place your own dighole, as "Big Block Head" tunnels are truly a hideous design from UTC days

Have you searched on the DLS: Tunnel

Cuk-Tunnel-Entrance ... CL Tunnel - sholborn
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As said look for portal or tunnel under the buildings/structure tab. You will find various types and also retaining walls you can place at the tunnel entrance. There are many retaining wall or rock splines to place on the approach to the tunnel. There are also some tunnel only splines without the portals at each end to place inside your scenery portal. A dighole placed inside the tunnel mouth will remove the ground that shows in the entrance. Cover the open areas around the portal with ground splines and shrubs.
Problem is if you alter the config file, it's only going to work on your copy and if the route is made for uploading, will need the cloned/updated asset uploaded too (with the necessary permission from the original author).

Another option for the OP if conversant with 3D modelling techniques is, of course, to construct his own assets for the location possibly using the terrain texture he intends to place at the location to colour a terrain mask around the portal?
hello and thank you all for your help and advise.

I have found a tunnel with no end portals and self digs in the terrain called WL tunnel 1 tk.

cheers all george
I wonder what the framerates would be if someone placed every tunnel on the DLS, on one single route ?

I asked that also: I wonder what the framerates would be if someone placed every tree and grass on the DLS, on one single route, like a gigantic arboretum ?

Search: Tunnel (1325 assets)
tunnel portal
UK Tunnel
Tunnel Double
Nex 2t Duchy Stone tunnel mouth
NKZI Tunnel stone spline
Sen City Tunnel
Mine Tunnel
Building base
TWM Tunnel
Blue Mountains
Tunnel 1 voie
Tunnel2 1 voie
Tunnel 2 voie
Tunnel3 1 voie
Tunnel4 1 voie
Tunnel 3
stone tunnel

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That is an excellent list of tunnel assets. Most of what I use is there already. There are some considerations: The tunnel you select should be tall enough for catenary wires if you use them. In case of UK tunel, it is too low for European wires perhaps due to different loading gauges?. It is because it has a piece of track built in. Other tunnels don't allow adjusting the height, leaving you with moving the terrain up or down (do this before applying the dig tool). Note that after importing to T:ane, for some reason, I think is a bug, the height will be all screwed up, and you will have to fiddle with a lot of things to return to what was "perfect" in last versions. And finally, there should be a more descriptive selection of the type of spline to use with that particular portal (some do, some is up to you to try and find). A suggestion for creators: What about a cliff spline with the cut out for portals? as it is now you have to use a combination of several, rocks, vegetation and use your inventive and imagination to cover the hole. If you are like me, I still had the old clumsy tunnel portals from years ago waiting for replacement. You transport your route to T:ane, and all those tunnels are gone! and they are fixed to the grid using at least two squares. Now you install the new smaller tunnel and it uses normally one square. So you have to move the entrance to one side to occupy just that one square. But if your tunnel is in a steep cliff, coast line or other place, it may not be convenient, then you have to cover the two holes with splines and all that. Hence a premade object with the cutouts would be nice. Have to mention that T:ane has a selection of portals with quite a few nice built in terrains that are very well made, even if some of them look as if they come of a mine of diamonds!
Overall, this tunnel chapter gives you an opportunity to act on your abilities and inventiveness.
You can alter the tunnel height tag in the config file to -1, or whatever you wish (this disables the snap to grid, and requires a manual dighole placement)
In purpose I have left this from my above post: SOUND

Many times I have posted about it before. Why is it that tracks for tunnels don't have a realistic (or near) to the sound that happens when we traverse a tunnel? or the tunnels with with track built in? It may be a very hard thing to do because i have not seen any, and N3V has not been able to implement it. As it is now, I use an elaborate method to do this, and all my tunnels have it, not altering the config file so as not ofend the asset creators.

I say left in purpose, because I consider this observation important enough, and a single post, may attract more attention than mixed with all the others in the list. I am sure that a direct comment from N3V would be appreciated by all.
You can add a tracksound file kuid to your tunnel track

track-sound {
default {
track-sound <kuid2:400260:423265:1> (or whatever tracksound you like)
priority 1000
I did that time ago and it works. But it modifies the asset. (Works on some tracks but not others, go figure..) Now, that easy? Why is not implemented by creators and N3V ?