any ideas on a good portal


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Hi all. . I have a very large route covering a whole county and am running track for 8 different RR's. I want to spawn trains at one end of a line and deconstruct them at the other (usually opposite ends of the county). Is there a "good and safe" type of portal that can be used for that or does it need to be done a different way. Tried the portals with CMTM in 19 and they were VERY problematic. Any suggestions? Thx in advance. Using TRS 22
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CMTM is and was always was problematic, and more so in TRS19 and TRS22.

There are built-in Portal Basic assets. Use the large-sized ones because the small ones have intermittent problems with them that cause weird things to happen.

If your route wasn't a single route, I recommend investigating the i-Portal assets. With these you can connect multiple routes together via the network. Consists sent to one route will be available to drive when emitted from the portal. All you need to do is insert a schedule and let them continue on their journeys. They stack up too behind each other. I ended up with a dozen or more consists emitting one after another.