TUME’s Simulation of “The Milwaukee Road”


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Dear All,

its about five years ago, as I started to work on my Milwaukee Road Simulation project. Bases on terrain only files from fishlipsatwork, I began route creation at the section between Ellensburg and Tacoma, Wa. in May 2004. Soon, I changed to work onto the section between Othello and Ellensburg, Wa. At first using DLS objects only, but from 2005, I just had to start my own content creation to meet the special object requirements to simulate Milwaukee Roads impressive structures, rolling stock and locomotives. The coast division is still unfinished, but the section between Othello and Kittitas, Wa is pretty close, what means “only” some month of intensive work and a lot of needed redesigns and changing away from being finished. In 2006, I changed over to start working at Scott Monsmas terrain only file at the section between Drexel, Mt and Avery, Id – including Milwaukee Road's Saint Paul Pass and Northern Pacific’s Lookout Pass. The reason was, that I wanted to get a line, for my simulated Little Joe EF4 electrics, as this locomotives have never been used at Milwaukee Road's Coast Division between Othello and Tacooma, Wa. Now, just about three years and a lot of investigation, information searching, content creation and detail working later, I feel as free, to present the Bitterroot - Section as a video and I will really do my best, to get the bundle released within this summer. I finished the route so far, but a lot of the content still needs to get some details added as thumbnail pictures, descriptions inside the config.txt and so on.


The video performance is a bit fuzzy because of the compression of myspace, but I hope you will like it.

Video: https://myspace.com/tume_um/video/the-milwaukee-road-in-the-bitterroot-39-s-presentation-v-01/55290062

The video starts automatically. Enjoy watching it!
Cheers TUME

PS: Please mail to: tume.tume@web.de or use the myspace communication – as the ume@hrz.tu-chemnitz.de is temporary not available!!

As the compression of myspace makes the video a bit fuzzy, here are some screens as well:

Just see all in action by watching the video – link above or:


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Great job on the video and it's an absolutely stunning route. Great job. I'm sure it will be pleasantly received.

I have never seen such a well documented RR video, such as the super quality of yours ! You certainly do know ALL about that RR ! Excellent, and really lenghtly video...how do you do it ? Fraps or some other means.:cool:
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Very, very nice TUME! I really liked the inter-cutting of live video with your Trainz route. The route itself looks fantastic.

Well done!

Well, i'm speechless !

All seems to be so perfect that it can't be done better.

You've reached another degree of quality as a route builder.

Congrats once again, and thank you for sharing that very nice video.

WOW!!! That was a great video. That far surpassed any video I've ever done. How much percentage of the route is complete? And will this route be available for TRS04?

I am drooling over this vid. I would love to run this route when it is released. Are you going to be releasing scenerios along with it? As someone who has actually been to that area of the US, I have to say that you recreated it VERY realistically.

Edit: After doing some research, I have discovered that this is indeed the line that became the Hiawatha rails to trails bike trail. This is amazing. I have actually ridden this line in 2006, and I have to say that you recreated it VERY realistically. I cannot wait to run this. (If I remember correctly, the trail starts at Tunnel #20[St. Paul Pass Tunnel, and heads all the way to Avery. It was a very nice ride and I hope to do it again someday.)

Edit 2: I hope that you don't mind me asking, but are the open auto cars at 15:39 on the DLS because I have been looking for that type of car for a while now?
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I found your first video, and was in pure awe at the skill you put into making such a creation. Your work, and attention to detail is purely amazing, beyond disbelief. I've always had a place in my list for the Milwaukee Road, because of its colorful history, and its Electrification. You have done a Marvelous job re-creating the Milwaukee Road, and I'm sure this one will be a hit.
Thanks all

Hallo together,

thank you very much about your compliments – I am very glad about it ;-)

I just want to answer some questions:

Nothing of my content has been released jet, except my Olympian Hiawatha Train set including the Erie Build Diesel, but not in the color scheme as in the video, just in the older Milwaukee Road scheme.

I wont be able to make anything public before the summer – there is still too much to do at the content, like described above.

The autorack originally comes from majekear – great thanks for creating it!
I just added a set of attachments points for the car loads to it and created the car loads by using the Falcon from Auran's Art Source CD, as well as I did the needed config settings.

Have all a nice day!
Cheers TUME
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Well this just is an amazing effort from someone dedicated to reproducing one of the most famous rail lines in America with Trainz, and as usual he is from Europe! There's only a handful of routes that could touch this one, and most of those are from European Creators as well! How is it that they are able to be so artistic and relentless at the same time, while most American creators fail in comparison?

I think it's the lack of perserverance that does us in, in Trainz, and in so many other levels.

Regardless; TUME; you are to be held up as another example of fine old world craftmanship that is so rare these days! I salute your accomplishment!:)
Because of the scenes, I recorded it by using FRAPS and later I assembled everything by using the Power Director.
awsome stuff Uwe and also when and where are you going to release your other content and let's not forget the Milwaukee road steamer???? they are SO cool!!!!!!!!!!!:cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :D :cool:
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Also does anybody know WHERE to get that motorhome in the 44th photo on myspace??? if it's on the Download Station, what do i type in???
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Also does anybody know WHERE to get that motorhome in the 44th photo on myspace??? if it's on the Download Station, what do i type in???

Hallo KWT96,

the Motorhome has been made by myself – inspired because of my Canada Tripp in 2004. There are two versions of it, a Cruise Canada and a Majestic livery. As well, I created an Ambulance and a ford truck. All have driver interiors. I just have to create a new engine sound file for it, as the diesel switcher sound, used now, does not meet too much the reality. But I hop, also my road vehicles could be released during this year. So it is not at DLS jet.
The steam engine will need much more attention, as it still needs its complicated workable driver cab and so on.

But may for the time being, you just have a look on this:


Cheers Uwe