New Documentary “Chasing the Milwaukee”


I’m always looking for stuff on the Milwaukee Road as it was the first route I explored on Trainz Mac. This is a pretty good documentary done on a section of the Milwaukee Road. Not my video.

Wow! You really made my day! As someone who grew up in Eastern Washington and a MW legacy, this just blew me away. When I was born, my dad worked at the Doris Substation, mentioned at about 40 minutes in. We lived in the house at the far end from the substation. At one point, the middle house burned down, and they filled the foundation and used it for a swimming pool. But some time in the 70s the well pump burned out and the MW did not want to bother replacing it, so water was delivered by tank car. The pool became a dry foundation again, and the gardens dried up. We were long gone though. in 1957 my dad moved to Cedar falls, near the end of this documentary. But only one year, then he got on with GE at Hanford and we moved to Richland Washington. I remember visiting when the pool was active, and I guess we went back once after things dried up. My brother and I have wanted to hike up there and look it over for a long time, so I really appreciate this look at how it is now. It is also visible in Google Satellite view. The drone footage in this documentary is outstanding! Thanks again for posting this! 😍 😍 😍 😍