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Returning to Trainz (and MSTS routes in Open Rails) recently, and using for the former my 4th purchase from the franchise namely TS 2009, I have just uninstalled and re-installed Trainz after an unsatisfactory day or so with SP4. The problem was a persistent tendency to long (sometimes apparently indefinite) freezes while running a session, at least in Marias Pass Approach (MPA), one of the routes I'm running regularly. No solutions I found online helped, nor did tweaking available graphics options, and the freezing wasn't acceptable. The session just locked up, for several seconds or more - a freeze not a stutter.

So I'm back with a fresh install, which I will re-patch as far as SP3, which had no such problems. And stay there.

However - and unless they were the cause of the freezes - there is one thing that came with SP4 that I miss. After loading SP4, the MPA SD-40s had much better external textures and 3-d model (including animated roof fans) and a much better cab (with working sliding driver cabside window), resembling those illustrated by NV3 as new for TS 2009 (tho possibly not included in/taken advanatge of by older content bundled therewith, which I am thinking included the bundled version of MPA).

After (with SP4):



Before (with SP3):


I prefer the older track, but is there a way of getting the updated locos, for TS2009+SP3? I see the DLS has a TS 2009 version of MPA. As it's explicitly stated as being for '09 I'm guessing this MAY be what SP4 upgraded me to, or at any rate, might have the improved locos.

In short I'm assuming the MPA included with '09 was a pre-'09 version; that the SP4 version and its better SD-40s use '09 features; and hoping that the DLS MPA has the upgraded SD-40s and can be installed over the bundled one.

I might well at some point buy the whole MP route ('09-compatible version, don't have the machinery for T:ANE). But in the meantime, I'm tempted to download and install the '09 version of MPA that's on the DLS and hope it's just that - a TS2009-compatible version, using TS2009 features, but not relying on SP4. Concern might be that as I already have the MPA that came with '09, installing the new one might mess something up. I've backed up my 'local' folder so the worst case might be another reinstall but I'd appreciate any pointers eg from anyone who has installed the DLS MPA over an existing TS2009 one.


Sadly down-versioning assets doesn't work well when it comes to scripted items such as locomotives due to the changes in the underlying technology. I'm afraid you might be SOL unless someone else can come up with a solution.

TS2009 SP4 was never a spiffy version. TS2010 was much better, TS12 was okay, and finally T:ANE as it is, is probably the best.

Should have tried the locos that were showing up as invisible (oxymoron intended) in pre-SP4 TS2009 before I reverted; if they had worked, I might have kept SP4, freezes and all. Especially as I have now started seeing freezes, ableit less frequent, in my OOB re-istall; maybe I should have sought out and deleted other folders/restarted after uninstalling not merely deleting the installation folder. If patching it up to SP3 doesn't settle things down again I'll have to go looking for other causes tho I doubt this was system-related. I suppose I'll get another version of Trainz at some point; thanks for the tips.


Edit: have got as far as SP1 and it's working quite well with no freezes now, so may stick there for the time being, and possibly go for a second install if I feel inclined re-try SP4 and let the dreaded(?) TADDamon loose again.

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