TRS22 has disappeared from my timeline.


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I took part in the sale in December 2021 and purchased a Trainz Plus membership and also received a permanent version of TRS22 as part of the deal. I decided not to renew the membership but my timeline continued to show Trainz + and TRS22 up until the past few days. Now both are gone. I don't care about Trainz + but I would like my TRS22 to show. I assume this is the result of some new coding and a bug removed the TRS22 by mistake even though it is mine forever. I also assume I'm not the only one affected. What's up, N3V?

Yes, TRS22 works just fine. So I didn't lose access to running it.

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This could be related to the various glitches we've been experiencing lately. There's an announcement regarding some server maintenance coming up, so I would wait and see what's going on with that before pressing any panic button.
LOL, no panic here. I just assume someone wrote some code to remove the Trainz + icon after a membership lapses and due to the unique relationship of how I got TRS22, it was not considered in the logic of the code. In technical terms, someone made a "boo boo".
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It may be that you installed the + version of Trainz which has now reverted to the none + version. The timeline only shows the TRS22 retail version and the TRS Plus version. Look on your MyTrainz page and see what versions are showing as downloadable.
I can't speak for John but my TRS22 installation is rather new. While I had Trainz+ installed for the full year of the membership, I never bothered to install TRS22 until last month as my membership was running out. I followed the procedure that you suggested and downloaded it from MyTrainz page. It is exactly as it was installed and has never been updated. It is working fine and has never had any Plus features. All that has happened is that the icon on my timeline for TRS22 is gone.

I think John is correct, maintenance on the forum is the likely culprit.