TRS2022 Steam version not working


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Hello all, I recently decided to bite the bullet and purchase the Steam version of TRS2022. However, when trying to import all my content from 19, I was first met with some faulty TRS22 assets (such as blue Turf-FX and missing parallax textures). However, whenever I decided to install some of the routes that came with 22, I started to run into some problems.
  1. Trainz freezing up whenever I try to login to MyTrainz.
  2. One of hard drives not being recognized by trainz when trying to change the local data folder.
Although at first, the hard drive seemed to be dead, however, I have gotten all my data from it back. TRS19 has also been affected by this as well. This may just be a problem on my end but any feedback on what I should do is highly appreciated.
It sounds like you have a hardware problem and not a software problem.

If you can get your system to recognize your hard drive, backup everything you have on it to an external drive and replace that faulty drive. Once you install a new drive, copy your Trainz data and anything else you have on that drive back to the new drive.

I can't stress enough how important backups are. Here's a classic example of why.