Trs2006 game and CMP Lock up on main menu


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Hey i was wondering if any body knows what is going on. I load up the game it goes to main menu if i click on the CMP It will freeze and just stay there and same if i click on the game. I started after i used CMP.

Thanks Lincoln90
Is it locking up on the actual menu screen, or when you enter CMP/trainz?
If it is when you enter CMP/trainz, then search the forum for how to dlete assets.tdx/bku.
Delete assets.tdx/bku

I tried to delete the asset.* files but got the message that I could not delete them because the were being by "another person or program" What does that mean? Is TRS2006 running without my having started it.

It sounds like you've started TRS/CMP more than once. Open your task manager (CTL/ALT/DEL) and see what all you have running. If you have more than one iteration of TRS trying to run, none of them will do anything. If so, you can either end the process thru task manager, or just simply restart your computer. When you attempt to launch TRS/CMP it sometimes will not immediately appear. When it does appear it will sometimes not be ready for your input immediately. This is normal because there is a lot of file maintenance going on during start-up, and you need to be patient with it. Watch your hard drive access light on the front of your computer when you launch TRS. As long as that light is flickering, its doing file maintenance, and you'd probably be best to leave it alone during that time and let it do its thing. Trying to launch it again because it doesn't come up quick enough is not going to do you any good.

If that doesn't get you up and running, check this thread
for advice on how to rebuild your asset database. Its a long thread, but read it all the way thru. Lots of good advice and instructions to get you going. If you have any questions, let us know. We're here to help.