some locos freeze the game when you place them on the track.


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hi, i've noticed that some locs i downloaded from the DLS, mainly <kuid:177684:1300> "Loc 030 tram", among a few others, seem to completely freeze the game any time i try to place it on some tracks. as in, i click to place it down, and everything (in TRS19) stops working to the point where i need to use the task manager to restart everything. i've had this problem before, and i don't quite know how to resolve it. although the loco seems perfectly fine being displayed in the startup menu and in my collection. is there some type of error or issue i'm unaware of? because i personally have no clue how to fix this.
Is it only this locomotive?

Try deleting the locomotive and downloading it again there could be something wrong with the textures or the mesh. If that doesn't do it, then there are more issues with the locomotive that are beyond our capabilities such as a poorly written script or something else.