TRS19 Route - Canadian Rocky Mountains - Golden, BC - OFFICIAL

I am sure you are making these routes what I would call "realistic" or like stations scaled in, as well as industries where found, etc. I just wish there were more functioning industries to play with along the way, Seems a bit odd to run a 100 car loaded coal train over great beautiful distances and not have any mines to refill those hoppers! Thank you for the work.

i Rik81

here is the dilemma making it prototypical realistic and have fictional coalmines etc not serves the purpose.
I did already add many industries where seems fit or real life but you have to wait for Vancouver section to be released to get the hoppers unloaded.
What you can do of course is clone route if allowed and look in the surrounding mountain ranges (as the routes are huge and real mountains) and see where fit to make a coal or ore mine (or industry)and run a new track down the mountain to a loading point.
My thought is that running those larges heavy consists over the mountains and shunting in the classification yards is a challenge by itself and lots of fun.

Roy, I tried to contact again using the website this time as I never received a response to my e-mail. Even though I could see I was logged in, I could not send a message as I received an error saying I was not.

Hi Roy, I hope I didn't sound critical of your work. It is absolutely outstanding! And I'm sure the Canadians must get there coal from somewhere to fill all those ore cars, LOL. The beauty of TRAINZ is it has, and always has had something for everybody (and sometimes multiple things for maybe fewer bodies). I can certainly create AI sessions on your beautiful work and sit back and watch the mountains glide by. If I want to see operating coal mines, I'm sure I can find plenty of routes for that! Thanks for your effort to enhance the TRAINZ experience.
Hi Rik,

no nothing wrong, its ok but other readers who not know me and my routes and that its all prototypical might get wrong impression of what have been done and achieved.
Well, whoever made the models for TRS19 should have reskinned a better and more accurate model. Even Dave Snow's locomotive with the bell on the cab is a closer match for what is used on that train in real life.

As for the second unit, in the picture you provided, it really doesn't look represented well by the model used in the TRS19. I'm just pointing out what I believe is a bit incorrect.

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Missing lever

I just bought Trainz 2019 and am exploring the new-to-me routes that came with it, including Canadian Rocky Mountains - Golden, BC.

One of my favourite ways to use Trainz is setting up my own AI trains. When I tried using my own AI on this route, I had trouble with the result message "Unable to plot route - Junction missing lever after junction P 524. Here is a way to reproduce this error:
1. Select the route, then Create Session.
2. Place a train just west of switch R4, pointing east.
3. Select Driver Setup
4. Add Drive to trackmark EastUnPortal
5. Save driver setup
6. Save New Session with some name
7. Exit Surveyor
8. Drive the saved session.
9. Get the message "No path to selected destination", or "Unable to plot route - junction is missing lever after junction P524"

You can get the same result in quick drive using the "Drive to trackmark" command.
If you place a train well-past junction P 524 and try Drive to trackmark EastUnPortal again, you might get " ... junction is missing lever after junction P 499N
Running from the other direction, I get trouble west of junction P 502N.
I have not been able to narrow it down more than those three junctions.

The route scenery is really great. I'm sure I will find something to do with it. Thank you.
Unused or problematic junctions?

In exploring a problem with "junction is missing lever . . . ", as mentioned above, I found a few junctions that seem to be extraneous and one definitely a problem.

The problem junction is "junction 10879224" which seems to connect a little piece of track to a proper piece.

Then there are a lot of junctions which seem to be just in the woods or somewhere not near track:
1234, 1236, 16, 2364, 3574, 3718, 454536, 454540, 454542, 454544
600, 9131602, 9131604, 9131944,
9132176, 9132178, 9132180, 9132182, 9132184, 9132186
No, they are not derails. I did spot one that might have been one, but I don't think I listed it. Most of these are, as I say, in the woods, not near a railway track.

I had another look. Maybe these are junctions in a route for airplanes? In which case my bad. Only at certain levels of zoom are the air routes visible.

The problem at Junction 10879224 is not one of those.
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TANE version in TRS19 or TRS19 version

good morning all,

Golden,BC is a built-in TANE version and as such not redone texturing etc under full TRS19 conditions.
Ghost objects like pigs in space and a track section gets 'broken' lost connection or markers disappear suddenly or become ghost objects. It happens sporadic but it happens and redo or replace or reconnect is the only option left .
Golden,BC has also flight track, switches and markers but those are all blue lines and reckoned as such.
I will have a look at those junctions in the woods but if they appear ghosts there is nothing i can do.
When you make your own session I think in your session route you can 'fix' thinks like reconnect a broken track and be able to draw a plot to marker EastUnportal or any given point that seemed to be broken.
When released all my routes/route sections and session did work fully what happens afterwards when eg run a TANE route in TRS19 is considered a different trainz version would work most of the times but exceptions are not a surprise.

There are now 5 all new reset/redone TRS19(only) Canadian Rocky Mountains routes waiting in the DLC pipeline for release quiet some time:eek:


ps what is the route's kuid # so i can locate this in the archives.
a quick look at the route kuid2:122860:100436:26 revealed as expected:

most if not all switches in the train track are named specifically.
If trainz does add spontaneous a switch point without my interaction it results in a switch name like here 10879224.
2364 is a flight track switch easy to verify and not in the woods.
1236 is a ghost.
There are two three types of ghost assets:
1 you not seem them at all,
2 you see them and can clear it by using an empty window replace track over the infected area,
3 you seem them but cannot delete them.
junction 15 i not see at all.
3574 is flight track switch.
454536,454540 flight track switch.
ok i not have to check further.
in short if you not see them they are ghosts.
if you see them zoom out little bit if you see yellow dash lines indicating there is a spline for flight track.
Hope this helps little bit.
Hi Mike,

I did inform n3v that you need assistance.
The launch of routes etc in their store is n3v territory so wait for them to assist you the soonest.
Thank you for buying my route and hope you enjoy it the fullest.

Thank you Roy.

Support ticket sent...

BTW, did visit your site, is your Viktor Lake to Ross Peak available yet? Did live in Canada so I do have a soft spot ;)

Keep up the good work...

Roystrainz routes TRS19 on holding pattern

Hi Mike,

Well to be honest most of my routes redone for TRS19 are carefully tested and checked before upload to N3V.
Unfortunately once there i have no control how fast they are able to "package and upload to DLC". They also have their own 'testing beta thing' but for me that is only delaying massively an already good route to be launched.
Following routes are on the n3v CCP lab for many many month but not yet released:

1 Ottertail to Caslte Jct. Laggan Sub This route was promised to be released very very soon.:cool:

Still waiting for release

2 Viktor Lake to Ross Peak and Glacier.
3 West of Golden to Albert Canyon.
4 Baker Creek to West of Calgary.

5 WIP not ready for CCP upload: Cochrane to Calgary.
A massively big route with 'most' of Calgary covered. 2020 upload if things go well.

I fully understand they have to much on their plate to digest and things to fix but for me and my customers it is rather unpleasant.

The good news is for all of us that TRS19 finally is one of the best if not the best train sim in the world and the quality so far reached speaks for itself.:mop:
Yes, I bought the T;ANE version of Columbia River Basin but I have disabled it as I can't correct any of the deplorably slow sections of the track. It will not allow me to clone and edit the route and some of the track laying and the signaling are way below what is required to get Trainz running as they should