TRS19 - ECML Edinburgh - Dundee 1976 - OFFICIAL


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Welcome to this ECML thread

My name is Stuart and at one time the project leader producing the East Coast Main Line from London to Scotland. In recent years I am now the only person building and updating the route in my own time which has always been the case. I'm also busy as a board member of the Deltic Preservation Society looking after the locomotives with the job title presently of Locomotive Manager of 55019.

The route to Dundee based around the mid 70's was mainly built by Michael and Andrew Carpenter. Areas like Edinburgh and Markinch were developed by Tony - tmz06003 with substantial amount of custom built buildings.

Included with the Dundee route are two new Deltics with scripted exhausts. Being twin engined, the second engine sits at idling until the power handle is on notch 7. New engine sounds included are recorded by myself while driving 55019. There are bass sounds which for those with a subwoofer should bring a more realistic sound.

Presently I'm looking for additional help in managing both the Dundee and the Kings Cross - Edinburgh route. PBR textures with four seasons and the additional snowline are at the top of the list.

This thread is to allow all TRS19 owners to stay up-to-date with any updates for this route. Feel free to leave comments about the route to help shape the direction of the route updates.

The intension is to add this to the KX - Edinburgh section. I have completed updating the Dundee section to the present 2019 version using the new content. PBR textures etc and hoping this will be released. Now I will need to update the KX section to the latest spec before merging together. There are also the normal complaints of not being able to cope in running the ECML as users PC's not being powerful enough.

This project is a major build of most of the East side of the UK and I've been working on my own for some years now - rest of the team burnt out. I've recently moved house and having to rebuild the property but should be full speed again next year 2021 and see if we can get to Aberdeen too !

Hi Stuart (napierdeltic), it's great to introduce you. Since I heard of your project and progress I would loved to help you out to finish the gaps of the Kings Cross - Edinburgh selection.

Although I unable to help out as much as I'm slowly trying to practice to make assets such as some buildings and scenery via blender.

But for now, there's some assets on DLS if you not noticed before that found a solution to help with a upcoming update. There's a few things.

English Gothic Cathedral Sets by JayHolland.
In the areas in Durham and York hasn't have a cathedral/minister in the background as the proper ones not yet on DLS.

York Mill House by pflindley.
This building will used in York by the river Ouse.

Church Grimsby
by pflindley.
Grimsby station wall by chefbyte.
These will used in Grimsby area.

BR Platform T Lamp concrete
and BR ER platform Lamp 1970s grey by nexusdj.
Although these are not renamable but they good use in the England region.

I will take screenshots in some areas on my cloned temporary route in the later date once I can managed to put the pieces to the puzzle. Hope you don't mind.

I hope this can help you made the way to your completion and I tried my best make things easier. Good luck! ;)
Thanks Trainzwordyoshi I always have one version already updating by the time another versions comes out in Trainz. I have been doing more important work rather than what you listed here. Chefbyte built the Cleethropes area so its not really been modified since. Pleased to hear there is a church to add now.

There has been well over 10,000's of hours of work been carried out on both KX and Dundee routes. I'm presently rebuilding a cottage which is off grid with subsidence, dry root and every other baddies you can think off. Once completed its full speed ahead with both routes. There has been so much of my life put into this route along with the rest of the team ( only me now ) that it will always be continued till I leave this world.

Just add that I've changed my name to Fiona and living my dream. My life my dream and no one else's business ( if negative comments prevail )

You welcome to PM

Just to say thanks for the routes and the work put into them.
Good luck with the rebuild - it must seem easier to just demolish and build rather then underpin, waterproof and redo the woodwork,

all the best,